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Shenton Safaris’ Big Cat Roundup


What a fantastic feline start we have had to our 2016 season! And so our prologue is going to be a long one.

We begin our Big Cat Roundup with a summary of the events leading up to the middle of June. Our guides have been very busy following a pride fragmentation brought about by 3 new males entering the territory of the Hollywood/Nsefu males, Kaphiri showed up again stealing from the Hollywoods and the 2 cubs left alive by him last year in the Mwamba pride, resurfaced feeding on buffalo. But let’s read it from our guides:

At the end of May, Patrick and his guests found the 13 strong Hollywood pride feeding on a male waterbuck in the Ebony Grove. 5 adult females, 5 sub adult mixed males and females and 3 yearlings made short work of the 300kg prey and that night there was the sounds of hyaenas on the carcass. These sounds were soon drowned out at approximately 04.00 am by the sounds of lions fighting. When we rose at 05.00 the camp was full of sub adult lions all looking stressed and anxious. For a full report on this see Drawing New Lines published earlier in the month.

Early in the month of June, Sylvester and his guests were fortunate enough to view the result of this fragmentation, when they spotted 7 members of the Hollywood Pride on Mwamba Extension.Sylvester noted that the 5 sub adults that had fled the fracas, had succeeded in joining 2 adult females, whom they had joined in the hunt for more Waterbuck – this time without success though. The following day, this same section of the Hollywood pride were seen by Sylvester and his guests hunting Puku close to Deb’s Tree.

Yoram and his guests ranged far and wide over Lion Plain to find Stumpy and Scar, eventually locating them at Fish Eagle Shortcut early in the morning. They were roaring and scent marking then headed off to wards Zebra Loop. Later that day they located Kaphiri the lone male responsible for killing the Mwambas’ cubs last year. Now, close to Deb’s Tree, he had just stolen a Buffalo carcass from the hard-working Hollywood pride, consisting of 2 adult females and 5 mixed sub-adults. The sub-adult males scattered as he arrived!

Travelling further on from that kill they were very fortunate to see the Nsefu pride on the opposite bank finishing off a Hippo carcass. The 4 adult lionesses, 3 sub-adults and 7 cubs were dispossessed of the kill by Tangua and Nyuma, the dominant males on that side of the river. They were well attended by scores of crocodiles all vying for a bite of hippo.

At the buffalo carcass Kaphiri savaged one of the sub-adult males, leaving him torn and bloody.

On the 15th of June the 3 Numbu Boys came to visit Mwamba Bushcamp, enlarging their new territory to include the all important Last Waterhole. They left heading towards Gideon’s Loop.

And so we close our prologue of our new weekly blog Shenton Safaris’ Big Cat Roundup.

Hope to see you next week.

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