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June 30

This week’s Big Cat Roundup starts with the Hollywood pride being seen in the afternoon, in the area of Waterbuck dam. All 13 of them with full bellies after they appear to have just finished off the buffalo carcass.

July 01

Late in the afternoon on Mwamba Extension, Sylvester and his guests spotted a young female leopard that the guides have not yet named.  She was stalking Pukus along the banks of the Mwamba river but was unsuccessful while they stayed with her.

July 02

Sylvester and his guests saw Malaika and Chiphadzuwa in the Ebony Grove close to Acacia Loop. Malaika had killed an Impala and stashed it up a tree. Chiphadzuwa sauntered in and without asking, climbed the tree and started to feed. When Malaika wanted to climb the tree, possibly to feed further, her daughter hissed and spat at her, even turning and directing a spray of urine down at her. Malaika retreated and went to lie a short distance away. A Hyaena came visiting too!

That afternoon Luambe, the big male who has relaxed this season, stole the kill from the two ladies. We found Malaika and Chiphadzuwa lazing on the ground under the kill while Luambe finished it off.

July 03

At Fish Eagle Lagoon again, Sylvester and his guests found Malaika up a tree eating a young male Impala that she had killed. As some Hyaena arrived, Malaika decided to change her position to a nearby tree and leapt across the gap, with the impala firmly in her jaws. Amazing sighting!

July 04

Patrick and his guests came upon the 13 strong Hollywood pride feasting on a Buffalo that they had recently killed, on the Main Shelf. That afternoon they were still busy on the Buffalo carcass. With no interference from roaming males or Hyaenas we expect that they will have finished the carcass by tomorrow.

Chiphadzuwa was seen at Fish Eagle Lagoon walking across the dryer part of the lagoon, on her way to Lion Plain.

July 05

And following on from yesterday, this morning the lions had stripped the carcass bare, leaving nothing for the waiting vultures. Patrick and his guests also saw Malaika and Chiphadzuwa this morning, neither of them seemed to be in a good mood with each other – especially seeing that Malaika had made another kill(wow she’s proficient) and her daughter had usurped it as usual. One day mommy is going to cut the apron strings . . ..

Later that afternoon the Hollywood Pride was seen again on the Main Road, sleeping off their massive ingestion of the entire Buffalo.

July 06

This morning the 11 members of the Hollywood pride were seen around the upper end of the fish eagle lagoon

Later this afternoon 2 more members of the pride were found about 2 km away on the main shelf. Malaika the female leopard was also found in the Fish eagle lagoon and right at the end on the game drive Patrick came across the massive male leopard Tyson with a nice full round belly after what seems like a kill he recently finished right outside Mwamba Bushcamp

See you next week for the Big Cat round up on July 13th

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