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Shenton Safaris’ Weekly Big Cat Roundup

16 June

This week’s Big Cat Roundup starts with Malaika and Chiphadzuwa being seen in the Acacia Loop area,with daughter shadowing her mother, hoping to cash in on some of Malaika’s famed hunting skills.

17 June

At Fish Eagle Lagoon most of the Hollywood pride were seen and with 10 lions in the group they were almost all together again. After a long sleep they commenced a hunt without success, but did succeed in chasing Malaika the leopardess up a tree. Treed by the Hollywoods

21 June

One sub-adult male lion was viewed close to the bottom of Fish Eagle Lagoon in the morning and afternoon and we believe that he was the young male chased away from the Hollywoods by Kaphiri. Malaika was seen in the Ebony Grove off Acacia Loop.

Andrew discovered Luambe, the big male Leopard relocated into the Park in 2014, sleeping on the side of the road close to Zebra Loop turn off. He was unusually calm and as this was our first sighting of him this season, we are delighted with his demeanour.

22 June

At the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon again, Andrew found the Hollywood pride all together again and numbering 13 once more. They were successful in the hunt and killed a Puku which they devoured in minutes. A mere 20 miutes later they killed an impala and finished that off in 3 minutes – maybe we need to change their name to the Wild Dog pride.

See you next week.

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