Thursday 25th July

It appears that as each day goes by, Chidwi grows larger and larger with them. Still, the star of the camp, guests and guide watch the cub lie happily on a larger branch in a sausage tree not far from Acacia loop. Chiphadzuwa lays on the ground not far from the cub, tail in the air, she is not hunting, just relaxing. 

Friday 26th July

The day’s events are being discussed over the dinner table at Mwamba, once again, Chiphadzuwa comes up in conversation. Shayne and his guest find mother and cub in a sausage tree with a kill, However, an outlaw stays close. A large hyena spots an opportunity and has no plans of leaving the pair to eat in peace. True to Chiphadzuwa’s nature, she navigates the trunk of the tree positioning herself halfway down. She stops and stands her ground, hissing and growling at the hyena. A fantastic show for guests and a fantastic mother.

Saturday 27th July

Lion cubs! The Mwamba Kapanda pride boasts five beautiful cubs. Two different age groups between them, two four-to-five-month-old cubs and three three-month-old cubs. If cubs are not cute enough, these cousins spend the morning playing on the banks of the Luangwa River. A three-month-old cubs ducks behind a grassy bank, there, the cub plans it’s sabotage. Keeping low, the cub surveys their cousin’s movements before leaping into attack. The cub proved no match for their larger, stronger cousin, the cub was taken down immediately and wrestled. All play, but also important life lessons for future hunting. 

Sunday 28th July

On Sunday, Patrick discovers that the Kapanda cubs fathers are the Nomads. An exciting but completely shocking revelation. 

What’s more, Patrick spent time in the ebony grove, here he finds Mama Kaingo and once again notices that her belly is sagging. Is Mama Kaingo with a cub or expecting? We are not sure yet.

Monday 29th July

An unknown shy leopard is spotted stalking impala at nightfall. To be an impala between Kaingo and Mwamba is a distressing life to lead. This is cat country, leopards and lions are prevalent in the area and impala possess terrible sight once the sun dips below the horizon. The unknown leopard stalks and stalks but is unsuccessful, an exciting few moments to say the least. 

Tuesday 30th July

The Nomads walk along shortcut crossing. Their movements are slow but display their sheer strength and beauty. The boys are lazy and look slightly hungry, they will try to hunt when the day cools down. 

Wednesday 31st July

The old Nomad ganders along the riverbank, his nose is bloodied, he has been fighting. The large male boasts a fantastic mane but appears weak and old. 

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