Big Cat Roundup

This last week has produced some incredible sightings. Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

30 August – Thursday

This morning we started off with finding the 6 lionesses from the Hollywood Pride sleeping on the island close to Lion Shelf. They all had full bellies and were resting in the shade. That night the lionesses got up, and we watched them on 5 different hunting attempts with puku and impala. They were unsuccessful every time.

31 August – Friday

Again this morning we saw the 6 Hollywood females. They were in an area known as the Fridge, where they became very interested in a Sausage Tree. One of the lionesses scaled the tree and began sniffing off the branches looking for something. The next moment she leapt down from the tree and ran over to a nearby bush where she dragged out an impala carcass from a leopard kill. Immediately the other 5 pride members ran over, and they all began feeding together.

Later that afternoon we found 4 lionesses from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride feeding on a buffalo just behind the Hippo Hide. It was a small buffalo but a real feast for these lions.

1 September – Saturday

This morning we saw the young male leopard of Hippo Hide area. He was sleeping in an Ebony tree just behind the hide itself watching for a potential meal.

This afternoon we found the 6 Hollywood lionesses on the Main Shelf. They were on the sandbank looking out over the Luangwa River while watching the sunset. It was a beautiful sighting.

That night we found an unknown Leopardess on Gideon loop. She moved towards the Mwamba gully and tried to hunt some impala but was unsuccessful.

2 September – Sunday

This morning our guests got to see 3 different leopards within the first hour of safari. As they left Kaingo, they found Mayi the leopardess hunting a bushbuck. She stalked within 15 metres until the bushbuck became aware of her presence and ran off. Shortly after, an unknown male leopard was seen making his way into Kaingo past the workshop area. Lastly, the young male of Hippo Hide was seen sleeping in the gully of the Shortcut Crossing.

3 September – Monday

We started the morning by seeing the two adolescent males from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride sleeping at the mouth of the Ebony Grove. They were both looking exceptionally well fed, but there was no sign of the other 2 brothers.

4 September – Tuesday

2 nomadic young male lions were found sleeping at Pelican Lagoon this morning. We have not seen these lions before, but we think they are just passing through the area.

The Kaingo pack of wild dogs were this afternoon. 8 wild dogs came to drink at the Last Wateringhole hide at Mwamba, where the guests enjoyed watching them from the hide for over an hour.

5 September – Wednesday

We saw Chiphadzuwa the young leopardess this morning. She was atop a Sausage Tree when a small herd of puku started feeding below. She lay dead still for over 40 minutes before leaping out the tree and killing a puku right in front of us. It was a once in a lifetime sighting; the blog is coming soon.

The four Luwi Male lions were seen this afternoon. They were close to the bottom end of Fish Eagle Lagoon staring across the Luangwa River at the Nsefu Pride on the opposite side. Maybe when the water drops lower, the pride might decide to cross over.

That night we found an unknown leopardess walking over Lion Plains. In the space of half an hour, we saw her attempt to hunt 4 different times on impala. She was unsuccessful but not discourage, and we ended up leaving her to hunt well into the night

Big Cat Roundup


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