Thursday means one thing to everyone at Shenton Safaris, Big Cat Roundup! Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings that our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

6 June- Thursday

It appears that Thursday’s are for lions. The Hollywood Nomads were spotted twice today. Each time, they were being true to the stereotype male lion’s carry. The nomads slept full bellied after a day of feeding on a zebra kill. 

7 June- Friday

Patrick, Esco and their single guest were the first from Kaingo and Mwamba to spot the beautiful Leopard, Tyson. What’s more, the three of them sit in the morning light and watch on as Tyson makes an attempt to hunt warthog at saddle billed stork lagoon. Fortunately for the warthog, Tyson was not successful. The warthog made a narrow escape to safety. Although I doubt this will be it’s last run-in with Tyson.

8 June- Saturday

To spend your days sleeping under a tamarind tree accompanied by a warm fresh breeze sounds like the life to us. For our wild dogs, this is often how they spend their days and it is how they have chosen to spend their Saturday. Patrick’s guest was desperate to have her moment with the dogs, so this was extra special. 

9 June- Sunday

There appears to be tension between Mama Kaingo and cub. They walk together in the beautiful ebony cathedral before forking off and heading in different directions. 

10 June- Monday

Tyson is renowned for being an utterly stunning leopard, an impeccably strong male and also, an incredible hunter, much like many of the leopards in our area. Only five minutes from camp, Hendrix, an esteemed guide with a wealth of knowledge stumbles across Tyson with his four guests. Tyson rests under a sausage tree before walking off in the direction of Kaingo. 

The drive continues with Hendrix, the sun has slipped down past the horizon, a preferred place for it to be for leopards. Mama Kaingo and her not so young cub are found near the elephant hide. Prime leopard territory! It is a stage in the pairs life when separation is imminent. Mama Kaingo growls at her son, she no longer wants to be followed by him.

11 June- Tuesday

Chiphadzuwa is keeping everyone at Kaingo and Mwamba happy. She continues to show off her darling male cub and they appear to go from strength to strength. A sighting this Tuesday of the pair is greatly welcomed. Guests love to hear about Chiphadzuwa’s antics around the dining room table, so to see her in real life with her cub is the cherry on top!

12 June- Wednesday

Nature took it’s course today. Hendrix and his two guests were due to spend the afternoon with a packed tea in the hippo hide. However, news had spread that Mama Kaingo and her cub were in the Ebony Grove. A chance the three of them could not miss, they all headed there. Tucked small under a tree, the one-year-old cub lay, without his mother. The trio watched on as the cub put on a shy display. He moved off across the grove and into the thickets. Following on, keeping a respectable distance everyone could not help but be mesmerised by the young male. It did not take long for things to become more interesting. Just behind Hendrix and guests, a little troop of banded mongoose were making their way right into the leopard’s path. The cub strung to action, piercing squeals erupted and bushes shuffled with chaos and confusion. A couple of seconds of silence and then most of the troop wiggled away as quickly as possible, sadly, leaving behind one of their comrades.

This was an astonishing moment to witness. With Mama Kaingo attempting to separate her cub and herself, it is believed that this was the young males first kill. From this moment, the two will lead their separate lives. 




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