Shenton Safaris Big Cat Round Up

6 October – Thursday

This weeks Big Cat Round Up starts off with Patrick and his guests who came across the 3 male Lions known as the Numbu Boys also with a Lioness.They were relaxing in some shade along side the dry Crocodile River, We are not sure which pride the Lioness belongs to however she was seen mating with one of the male Lions.

The mother and daughter Leopardess, Malaika and Chiphudzua were spotted that evening. They were very close to the area known as Hippo Hospital, fighting over a Puku Carcass, it is unknown which of the two females made the kill however during their argument the kill was lost to a clan of passing Hyaenas.

7 October – Friday

Malaika the Leopardess was found by herself this morning and she had managed to kill another Puku during the night. She was feeding happily before 3 Hyaenas got scent of her kill and stole it from her. almost right where she was the night before by Hippo Hospital.

8 October – Saturday

This is now the 3rd day in a row where the Leopardess Malaika has been seen with a new Puku carcass, this time up a tree right next to Short Cut Crossing. She remained there the whole day and was seen later that evening in the same place.

The young Chipudzua was also found with her own kill of an Impala, she was hiding under a bush on Acacia River Side.

9 October – Sunday

Malaika was found by Patrick and his guests this morning sleeping along the Mwamba Stream. They were also lucky to come across an unknown Male Leopard near Elephant Hide. The Leopard was sleeping up in a Natal Mahogany Tree while a Giant Eagle Owl was perched in the same tree.

10 October – Monday

In the night an Impala died at the Mwamba Last Waterhole Hide from being stuck in the mud. Sylvester and his guests went to go investigate at first light and came across Tyson who took full advantage of the Impala’s demise. Tyson had dragged the Impala quite a way from the hide and put it up an African Ebony Tree. Tyson was down on the ground while a few Baboons were around him barking.

The guests were lucky enough to then go on and find the 3 Numbu Boys and one collared Female from the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride all lying down enjoying the cool morning.

In the afternoon the guests went back to visit Tyson, who was now up the tree feeding on his Impala. In the evening the Mwamba/Kaingo were near Saddle Billed Stork Lagoon all looking hungry and one female was injured.

11 October – Tuesday

In the morning the guests went back to see if Tyson was still with the carcass near Mwamba Last Waterhole Hide. They were lucky to witness him bring the remainder of the kill down from the African Ebony Tree and drag it over to a near by Sausage Tree. They left him up the tree still feeding on the Impala carcass.

Near Tafika Crossing the Kapanda Pride was found. They had killed a female Buffalo and a Calf. There was at least 9 females and 5-7 sub adults all feeding together over the 2 carcasses.

That evening Chiphazuwa was found at Fish Eagle Lagoon resting up a Natal Mahogany Tree. She later came down and started marking her territory.

12 October – Wednesday

In the morning one of the Numbu Males was found near Hippo Hide. He was lying near an Impala carcass which we think he may have stolen from a Leopard.

In the evening an unknown male Leopard was found on Lion Camp Shelf. He was up a Natal Mahogany tree with an Impala Carcass and one of the Hollywood Females was lying in wait underneath.


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