Big Cat Round Up

Shenton Safaris Big Cat Roundup

15 September – Thursday

This week’s Big Cat Round Up starts off with Sylvester and his guests finding Shy Girl’s Son, the young male Leopard, moving through the beautiful Ebony Grove

That night Shy Girl herself was seen; the beautiful leopardess was found on Leopard Loop road not too far away from Kaingo Camp.

In somewhat of a controversial sighting , we came across the Hollywood Pride (12 members) who had killed a Buffalo during the day. They were later joined by the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (11 members) and were seen eating peacefully together on the same carcass. Suddenly the party was broken up by the arrival of 2 Numbu Boys, who immediately chased the 12 strong Hollywood Pride away. They then joined the Mwamba-Kaingo pride and tucked into what was left. Our guests got to see 25 Lions interacting in one sighting !!!

16 September – Friday

Nothing to report.

17 September – Saturday

Nothing to report.

18 September – Sunday

Today Patrick and his guests found the Kaingo pride together with the 3 Numbu Boys in the area of Shenton Safari’s Hippo Hide. The Kaingo pride, numbering 5 adult females and 7 cubs were sleeping on the river bank in the morning. They had full bellies and were still there in the afternoon doing the `lion thing’.

That afternoon they also found an unknown Leopard eating a freshly killed Impala, close by Lion Plain Road.

19 September – Monday

Luambe the large male Leopard was found patrolling under a Sausage Tree (Kigelia africana) guarding a Bush Buck carcass, in the area of Fish Eagle Lagoon. Luambe was seen again that afternoon still in the area of Fish Eagle Lagoon after finishing his meal from that morning, He was stalking some Impala, however the wind was not in his favour and he was unsuccessful.

Patrick and his guests found beautiful Malaika on Acacia/Geosource Road walking slowly toward the Acacia Ebony Grove.

Malaika made 2 kills that afternoon! Sylvester and his guests found her ensconced in the fork of an Ebony tree, feeding on a Guineafowl and an Impala at the same time! Chicken for starters and Lamb for main.

Then, as they were returning home, they spotted the large male Leopard Tyson close behind Kaingo Camp, walking on his way towards the Kamima Stream.

20 September – Tuesday

A large male Lion , one of the Numbu boys, was seen by Patrick and his guests whilst on a walk from Kaingo to Mwamba, in the area of Long-cut Crossing. He was on the move and contact calling for his two brothers. The reason why he did not find them, is because the other 2 Numbu Boys were spotted by Sylvester and his guests at Crocodile Loop, looking very uncomfortable trying to sleep with very full bellies.

Malaika was still in the same Ebony tree finishing off her feast from the previous evening, while a hungry Hyaena waited for scraps below.

Chiphadzuwa was spotted at the bottom end of Fish Eagle lagoon by Sylvester. She was stalking Impala while she walked towards Hippo Hospital, but she was too visible and the Impalas were able to keep her at a distance.

That night 1 Lioness of the Hollywood Pride was found close to Elephant bend. It is believed that she is hiding some cubs in this area. Not too far away a young Leopardess was found; it is our first time to see her and she was a bit shy. Hopefully she will be more relaxed in the future.

21 September – Wednesday

Just outside Mwamba Camp 2 yearling male Lions from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride were found by themselves.

On Guineafowl Plain, Sylvester and his guests found the 3 Numbu Boys with 2 of the Mwamba Kaingo Lionesses, relaxing under a Torchwood (Balanites maughamii). Nicholas and his guests later found that the 5 had woken up and were now hunting Impala, but they were soon spotted by the males and gave up the hunt.

Later that morning they found Malaika still feeding on the remains of the Impala that she killed on Monday. She now had 3 hungry Hyaenas waiting below for offerings from the Queen.

That afternoon on Lion Camp Shelf, they found 1 unknown Leopardess hunting Guineafowl in the branches of the Ebony trees, but she was unsuccessful.

That’s all for this week – thanks for following.


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