Thursday 4th July

Chiphadzuwa moves with elegance towards Fish Eagle Lagoon. She is moving with purpose, our girl is in the mood to hunt. She dips and dives between bushes until we lose her. A great leopard with great stealth!

Friday 5th July

The two Hollywood nomads are spotted at Aardvark Loop. In true lion fashion, they lay relaxing. With no predators to worry about they can relax. Guests and guide sit and watch, they take in the raw strength of the boys as the pair get up and start to make their journey south. 

Saturday 6th July

We find ourselves with the two Hollywood nomads, the pair lay resting in the late afternoon on Lion Plain. The boys appear relaxed until three male buffalos make their way into the lion’s den. The two nomads are suddenly alert. Patrick and his guests consider the lions next move. Are they threatened by the large male buffalos or are they thinking about hunting? The two nomads suddenly got to their feet, they charged the buffalos but their lack of preparation and dire interest meant they lost the buffalo. Patrick explains that they will try again at nightfall. 

Sunday 7th July

Mchenja Boy is spotted in the Ebony Grove. It is active and ready to hunt. Without success, he dips into the bushes and disappears from our sight. 

An unknown female is also in the Ebony Grove, Patrick finds her stuck up a sausage tree surrounded by barking baboons. The noise is penetrating and the female is visibly distressed. We wait for her to make her escape but the barking continues right up until it is our time to leave.  

Monday 8th July

Wild dogs galore and all of our guests have their own experience with them. 15 glorious dogs giggle together. They are active and playful. After some time of socialising, the dogs decide it’s time to try and hunt. They begin their trot, moving with speed and agility, at no point does a wild dogs trot appear strained. Our guests watch in suspense and wonder as to whether they will see a successful chase. Instead, the dogs tail off, become uninterested and would rather spend their afternoon playing and socialising. The cutest of sightings. We love to see the dogs relax and interact. 


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