Thursday 3rd October
Chiphadzuwa is spotted on the 040 and she is doing what she does best, she is stalking a herd of impala. The elegant cat is crouched low watching the antelope graze in the distance, as she edges ever closes to her hopeful meal, her shoulder blades pierce out of her well-groomed coat. The thickets she has used to disguise her presence have dispersed and she is now exposed in an open plain. Crouching ever lower, Chiphadzuwa is almost completely camouflaged because against the dehydrated earth of the Luangwa Valley. Her eyes are fixed on the grazing impala until something different spooks the herd, they all move in unison jumping and bouncing off to safety. Chiphadzuwa rises from her crouched position and jaunts off toward Mwamba extension with her white flag raised high.

Friday 4th October
A slinky, shy male leopard sits at the bottom of a tamarind tree. He nervously surveys horizons before leaping up on the trunk of the tree to navigate his way to the kill that lays draped over a low branch. The leopard begins his meal prep, he licks and plucks the hair from the male impala before feeding peacefully and safely into the night.

Saturday 5th October
Andrew and his guest set off from our bush camp, Mwamba and the pair are set to head inland, there, deep in the Luangwa Valley hide a pair of mating lions. As the day begins to warm up, the mating pair lay side by side avoiding any unnecessary movement in the October heat.
Andrew then finds himself in amongst a battle between the MK and Hollywood females. The lions fight over territory and males and the Hollywood’s push until are victorious.

Sunday 6th October
Six female lions laying on the banks of the Luangwa River truly is a magical sight. The MK pride have been split up by the river, but prove they are strong lions as individuals as they are all well-fed and thriving. As each day goes by, the sandbanks jut out of the water ever more making the crossing back into the park imminent. We will continue to watch and wait for the entire pride to be together again.

Monday 7th October
Chiphadzuwa safely lies up a natal mahogany tree by Andy Loop, she lies dipping in and out of sleep peacefully watching us as we watched her. Sly then finds himself with a male leopard. However, this leopard has had to seek refuge in a tree and a pack of hyenas harass the cat. Outnumbered by the strong hyenas, the leopard is forced to wait until the pack get bored and leave.

Tuesday 8th October
Lions and leopard grace Sly’s game drive. As a male gracefully dips and dives between thickets, he lifts his tail to mark his territory by scenting the trees. As the game viewers follow the male leopard, they suddenly find themselves with the MK pride. A dead tree lays at the bottom end of the shelf and two delightful things play and balance upon it. Two of the MK cubs jostle and play full-bellied and full of energy.

Wednesday 9th October
As an evening drive makes it’s way back towards Kaingo, two leopards are spotted together at Gideon’s Loop. They walk as a pair before the female quickly drops down and the male mounts her mates with her for roughly 20 seconds. The female gets up, walks a couple of steps before flopping onto her side and rolling onto her back. The male continues to walk into the thickets and she eventually follows, the drive leaves them to walk off into the night.

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