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July 14

The Big Cat Roundup this week starts with Andrew and his guests seeing Chiphadzuwa with a Puku carcass up a Tamarind tree at Hippo Hospital. That afternoon they saw Malaika and Chiphadzuwa with an Impala carcass which got stolen from them by a Hyena at Short Cut Crossing.

July 15

Andrew and his guests saw 2 unknown male lions near Wild Dog Lagoon, on the move and scent marking. Later in the afternoon they met 2 Hollywood Pride Males south of Kaingo, on the move and scent marking as they moved north across the Luwi river.

Also that afternoon, Patrick and his guests saw Malaika sleeping close to road on Acacia Middle road.

July 16

Andrew and his guests saw Chiphadzuwa on the hunt, stalking impala out at Fish Eagle Gully. Patrick and his guests saw Chiphadzuwa’s mother Malaika on the prowl at the bottom end of the Acacia Ebony Grove. Later on Patrick and his guest watched Chiphadzuwa move out of the Gully and closer to Fish Eagle lagoon as she hunted Guinea Fowl.

That afternoon, Patrick found a shy Leopardess at Shortcut Crossing. She was hunting Puku along the river but was unsuccessful. Then they moved to the bottom end of Acacia Ebony Grove and found Malaika still in the area and sleeping in the river bed.

July 17

Sylvester bumped into the elusive male leopard found further inland, this time at Charles Lagoon. This is the third sighting of him this season and every time he is relaxing a bit more; after drinking some water in front of the vehicle he walked into the bush- if we start to see him frequently, the guides will name him.

Patrick found Malaika in the Acacia Ebony Grove again, and again on the prowl as she disappeared into thick bush.

July 18

Chiphadzuwa was found in her favourite spot of Fish Eagle Lagoon this morning, hunting some Puku using the Hippo gully system , unfortunately she failed. In the afternoon an unknown female Leopard who was very relaxed was found resting in the shade under a tree by West Mwamba. 5 members of the Hollywood Pride were also found on Crocodile Loop and later made their way to Lion Plains where they attempted to bring down a buffalo, however the herd stood united and after some back and forth managed to chase the lions off. Patrick and his guest had to make a hasty retreat as the herd of Buffalo bore down on their vehicle while chasing the lions.

July 19

In the afternoon the Hollywood pride (13 members) were found by Lion Shelf Island feeding on a buffalo the had just pulled down as it was still mostly intact. They were also joined by a nomadic male known as Rambo who in the past has been seen pulling down buffalo single-handed.

July 20

The following morning the Hollywoods were seen finishing off the remains of their buffalo from the night before but the male lion Rambo was no-where to be seen. By the afternoon 8 members had moved back into lion plains to sleep off their full bellies.


See you all next week to follow up on the Big Cats of Kaingo and Mwamba

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