Thursday 29th August

Kaingo appears to be the M-K’s preferred location to spend their evenings at the moment. Three males sub-adults have been running amuck amongst camp and Andrew and his guests hardly have to go anywhere to start their drive. As the confident cats saunter through Kaingo’s dining place, Andrew and his guests cannot help but giggle at their spirit and arrogance. 

Friday 30th August 

An unknown female leopard appears alert, she surveys horizons for indications that scavengers have discovered that she has made her kill. Unsure of what that kill is, it eventually becomes clear. The female leans her head down to wrap her teeth around a vervet monkey, the vervet’s lifeless body hangs from her grip and the female walks into the thickets calmly yet alert. 

Saturday 31st August

Lions are often a sighting which can take your breath away. Alarmed by their strength, confidence and poise, seeing 12 laying on the sandy banks of the Luangwa River can really instil fear within you. Faces brown with dry blood and muck, the lions bond by cleaning each other and resting. Yawns ripple amongst the pride, tails flick with happiness and serenity and heads weightlessly drop to the sand. These girls are fed and happy and have no intention of moving for quite some time. 

Sunday 1st September

Sunday’s are often a day of rest. However, there is no rest for the wicked. Two lions mate inland from Kaingo, although the act in itself is quick, the pair may spend the whole day here together.

Monday 2nd September 

The squeals of wild dogs are priceless, high pitched and full of glee, a pack of seven dogs are spotted trotting along a sandy track. Two dogs run much faster, the pair are playfully biting and trying to tackle each other. The dog’s trot suddenly goes from pack bonding to a pursuit. In the distance, a juvenile waterbuck spots the danger and has enough of a head start to make an escape. The dogs do not waste their energy and pull back to let the waterbuck live another day. 

Tuesday 3rd September

A 30 strong herd of wildebeest moves gracefully through the striking Ebony Grove. The dappled light hits the wildebeest’s blue necks as they walk together, we are not the only ones watching the herd’s movements however. Ears pricked forward, three males fancy their chances but the wildebeest have the upper hand, they are aware of the lions presence and possess enough distance between them to make a quick escape. 

Wednesday 4th September 

Mama Kaingo is spotted resting in a sausage tree, it does not look like she has eaten recently but her tail flicks from side to side. She is peaceful and happy and we believe she will hunt come nightfall. Mama Kaingo is a fantastic hunter, she possesses raw strength, agility and speed. We hope to catch her in action tonight. 

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