Thursday means one to everyone at Shenton Safaris, Big Cat Roundup! Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings that our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

29th May- Wednesday

Our previous edition of Big Cat Roundup included the 29th already. This week we have more information on sightings that we feel we just have to share with you. Sylvester brings excellent news that our four wild dogs had a successful hunt. Sylvester and guests found the dogs full bellied, bloody-faced and resting under a leadwood tree. Wild dogs are notorious for being ruthless predators. They often use their stamina to their advantage, chasing their prey until they tire them out. A pursuit can go on for almost 5 kilometres at a time! Once the dogs have caught their prey, they do not use the same technique of suffocating like that of a lion. Generally, wild dogs will then disembowel their prey which means that the animal will die from excessive blood loss and shock.

30th May- Thursday

‘Syl’ as he is known in camp and to guests has had a great day with leopards and lions. The morning delivers a rather sleepy big cat, toying with the idea of stalking some bushbuck. However, quickly proceeding to decide that a nap is in order. Just that evening, more leopard sightings. And once again, hungry leopards. Syl finds a young female hunting impala. Unfortunately, he returns with news that she was not successful. We hope later in the evening she is victorious.

31st May- Friday

The 31st of May was a great day for Syl. He finds legendary Chiphadzuwa on the move, with her, her six-week-old cub. They are moving from Fish Eagle Lagoon to Acacia Loop via Sausage Road. En route to Acacia Loop, Chiphadzuwa, never one to miss an opportunity begins to hunt a Puku. Of course, this ends with success from the majestic beast. She ensures her cub is safe prior to leading it to the kill. The two of them feed into the night under an African sky.

1st June- Saturday

It’s a new month and Patrick finds himself in amongst the Hollywood Pride. They are on the move, stalking a fish eagle in the lagoon but the pride aren’t successful. Possibly this is a bit of fun or just an optimistic target. However, we salute you all the same Hollywood Pride!

2nd June- Sunday

Another day, another enthralling sighting. Patrick is on the ground once again, two guests in tow. Mama Kaingo and her beautiful cub prove they’re thriving. The pair are spotted sleeping under a sausage tree. Just above them are the remnants of an impala kill. Mama Kaingo living up to her name.

Sunday evening brings more excitement. Syl also has his own moment with Mama Kaingo and her cub. The little male cub is all the way up a sausage tree feeding on the impala kill his mother had made earlier. The two take turns feeding whilst baboons bark in the distance. Mama Kaingo, a strict mother ensures she is just as well fed as her son. 

3rd June- Monday

Mwamba bush camp is open, which means we have exciting new information coming from a different location. Sandy is on the case, he is accompanied by two lovely guests. The three of them head out for an evening drive at Guinea Fowl plain. However, guinea fowl was not the animal they found there. Instead, they are blessed with the presence of The Hollywood Pride. South Luangwa’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s, Brad Pit’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s. These proteges of the American big screen know exactly how to work the camera for our guests. 

4th June- Tuesday

It’s a mild Tuesday afternoon. Africa’s short winter is drawing closer. Syl and his guests are eager for some action. It appears, ‘ask and you shall receive’ is an ethos that works at Shenton Safaris. The four viewers are delighted to find themselves amongst seven painted wolves. What’s more, an unidentified pack. Being nomadic animals, this is not is a rare occurrence. Of course, however, painted wolves are not an animal you get to see every day. Syl and guests sit happily watching the seven painted wolves playing in the dust, bonding and communicating with each other before moving off happily towards Aardvark Loop. 

Later that evening, the most famous cub in South Luangwa is called out of his hiding place by his mother Chiphadzuwa. Events prior to this were unfortunate. Our lovely leopard, Chiphadzuwa spent a substantial amount of time trying to salvage what she could from her puku kill. A lone leopard cannot contest a clan of hyena’s. Chiphadzuwa, always pragmatic, chose her battle without fault. 

5th June Wednesday

Our guides really are in their own realm. Sandy is out without guests and of course, he stumbles upon a pride of lions. The pride are laying in the thickets of some bushes for shade, always an animal able to spend the day resting and relaxing. Hendrix and his three guests have the same luck. Lions! Always a favourite among viewers. Substantial time is taken talking, watching and taking pictures of the resting pride before moving on to find more lovely Luangwa sights. 

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