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28 July – Thursday

This week’s Big Cat Roundup starts with Sylvester and his guests watching the female Leopard Malaika stalking some Puku in a gully by Fish Eagle Lagoon. Her daughter, Chiphadzuwa, was not too far away watching her mother while resting and hiding in a tree. Malaika had little success and she left the area, Chiphadzuwa then came down the tree and picked up where her mom left off by stalking the same Puku also with no success.

29 July – Friday

Lots of action this morning when Patrick and his guests were caught in the middle of a territorial dispute between the Numbu Boys and the Hollywood Males, right around Mwamba bush camp. Read more about this sighting here “Territorial Dispute“. The Hollywood Males, Tangua & Nyuma, were found that night again on Crocodile loop just relaxing after the morning activities.

Sylvester found a new unknown female Leopard by Honey Badger Lagoon. She was stalking one lone Impala when a passing Hyena spooked the Impala sending it running straight into the Leopard. Both Impala and Leopard jumped and clashed in midair, after the dust settled it appeared the Impala had escape while the Leopard was a bit dazed and took a few moments before she moved off looking for another possible meal , followed closely by the Hyena.

30 July – Saturday

Yoram and his guests found Malaika the Leopardess cleaning herself in the Acacia Ebony Grove. She patrolled her territory all the way up to Fish Eagle Lagoon and they left her sleeping there.

That afternoon they found her feeding on a Baboon carcass wedged high up an African Ebony (Diosypros mespilliformis). Yoram believed that she had not made the kill herself, but had appropriated the kill, possibly made by Luambe, the big male Leopard.

31 July – Sunday

Patrick and his guests found Malaika in the morning still up the tree with the half-eaten Baboon.

1 August – Monday

This morning Patrick and his guests discovered Chiphadzuwa at the bottom end of Fish Eagle Lagoon, but she was playing coy and crossed the dry lagoon and disappeared into thick brush.

That afternoon, at Hippo Hospital, they found Chiphadzuwa had not moved very far. She was reposed upon a termite mound when they found her, then soon climbed down and went on the prowl towards Fish Eagle Lagoon.

The night drive intensified as Patrick found the 13 strong Hollywood pride close to Deb’s Tree feeding on 3 warthogs which they had killed in the grass. Seems that they are `hunting down’ again.

2 August – Tuesday

Sylvester and his guests found Malaika at Fish Eagle Lagoon, stalking Puku but she was unsuccessful while they watched.

That afternoon they found the daughter Chiphadzuwa stalking Pukus – she must be trying to copy mom.

3 August – Wednesday

Andrew and his guests found Shy Girl, a young Leopardess, at Kaingo Junction heading towards the Chamboo. Alittle further on in the same area they found Luambe, far out of his usual haunts, heading back north in the direction of Wild Dog Lagoon.

Andrew travelled south of Kaingo Camp again and located an unidentified young Leopardess close to an Ebony forest. She was nervous and shy, but continued stalking Impala until they lost sight of her.

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