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August 25 – Thursday

This week’s Big Cat Roundup starts with Sandy and his guests seeing the `beautiful one’ Chiphadzuwa hunting Bushbuck, during their morning drive along Acacia Ebony Grove. Unfortunately for her she was not successful.

That afternoon they travelled to Hippo Hide and came across to young males, possibly ex Mwamba Kaingos, that were walking with a purpose. They followed them for a long way until suddenly the Lions came across a juvenile Hippo walking towards foraging. They attacked and succeeded in dragging the Hippo down where one of the Lions went for the kill-clasp on the throat. The young Hippo struggled gamely, crying with distress and this brought Mother to the rescue! A large female Hippo crashed out of the bushes and straight over the Lions, driving them from the youngster who ran away covered in blood. See the action here:

August 26 – Friday

The sightings started early today for Sandy and his guests when they found a male and female Lion engrossed in a Kudu carcass. The male and female were engorging themselves, while a little further along the Chimbwi Loop they found a second male Lion resting in the shade – obviously the third wheel on the bicycle. Yoram stated that this male had a swollen right fore-foot, and all had full bellies.

Later on Sylvester and his guests came across the same Kudu carcass whilst on a walk from Mwamba to Kaingo – only the male Lion remained and he stood his ground, snarling until  the walkers backed off out of his comfort zone. Further along the walk they encountered the Lioness stalking Warthog at a waterhole. Unfortunately both parties saw each other at the same time and so she broke off her hunt, growled at the walkers and then slunk away.

Just after sundown, Yoram and his guests found Chiphadzuwa hunting Impala, but the game was given away by Baboons and Guineafowl. Later on Sylvester and his guests found Chiphadzuwa up a tree hunting roosting Guineafowl, obviously trying to get her own back.

August 27 – Saturday

This morning Sylvester and his guests found Malaika and a male named Mapolo ya Molilo in the region of Fish Eagle Lagoon. The male Leopard was chasing Malaika towards the area of Acacia River drive and both were growling and calling. It did not appear friendly.

Later that morning they located 8 members of the Hollywood pride at Pelican Lagoon, waiting in ambush for animals that would come to drink at the fast-diminishing water.

On the night drive, they found that the same 8 members of the Hollywood pride had moved to Deb’s Tree and were now hunting Pukus and Impalas, but with little success while they were observed. Patrick and his guests found them also trying their luck with Zebra, but also with no success whilst they were observed. On their way back to camp Patrick’s guests spotted Shy Girl at Short-Cut Crossing, on the prowl and headed towards Mwamba Extension.

August 28 – Sunday

Patrick took his guests on a walk through the Kamima Ebony grove and they located a lone Lioness on the other side of the Luangwa River. She appeared as if she was looking for a place to cross the river, but was dissuaded by the large numbers of Hippos and Crocodiles.

That afternoon they found Luambe, the big male Leopard perched in a Sausage Tree(Kigelia africana) feeding on an Impala. Later on, the hunting of the previous evening had turned to success for the Hollywoods, now numbering 9 members, as Patrick and his guests found them feeding on a Buffalo carcass in the region of Deb’s Tree.

August 29 – Monday

Yoram and his guests viewed Luambe up the Sausage Tree with not much left of the Impala carcass. On his morning drive, Patrick and guests found the 3 Numbu Boys – 1 of them at Hippo Lagoon and the other 2 along Mwamba Extension – all 3 doing the Lion thing . . . sleeping.

That afternoon, back looking for the 3 boys at Hippo Lagoon, they found the Mwamba Kaingo Pride of 3 Lionesses and 7 cubs. They had been hunting and one of the Lionesses has a severe wound between her back legs. While Yoram and guests found 2 female Leopards at the bottom end of the Ebony Grove. They crossed the Kamima and were immediately mobbed by Baboons who chased them all the way towards the Elephant Hide.

August 30 – Tuesday

All groups viewed Luambe this morning, still perched up the tree eating his Impala, but now with 7 Hyaenas in attendance below.

That evening Sylvester and his guests found the Mwamba Kaingo pride together with 2 of the Numbu Boys on Crocodile Loop – their bellies were full of Zebra! Later on they saw that the unknown Lioness was back on the beach opposite the mouth of the Kamima Stream. Something seems to be drawing her across . . .. On their way back into camp they located a young male Leopard drinking water from the remains of the Kamima Stream, in the Ebony Grove. One of Yoram’s guests peered over the bank of the Luangwa and spotted Chiphadzuwa lying in the sand in front of Acacia Loop: she was very relaxed.

August 31 – Wednesday

Sylvester and his guests spotted one of the Mwamba Kaingo pride females at the Kaingo Junction on their morning game drive. The Lioness was contact calling for the other members of the pride, as she walked towards the Ebony Grove.

Whilst on their game drive Patrick and his guests found Malaika and Chiphadzuwa sleeping close to each other in the afternoon at the Acacia River Drive. As the evening wore on, Malaika got up and started stalking the impala in the area. She was unsuccessful in her hunt and proceeded towards the Luangwa at Hippo Hospital. Later in the evening Sylvester and his guests were out at Kamila Ebony Grove when Shy Girl and her 1 year old male cub were spotted walking through the river bed towards Long Cut Crossing.


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