Big Cat Roundup

This last week has produced some incredible sightings. Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

23 August – Thursday

This morning we found the lovely leopardess, Chiphadzuwa. She was by Acacia Loop up in a Sausage Tree and on the branch next to her was a half-eaten impala. After watching a while, she climbed down the tree and decided to rather sleep on the ground.

An unknown male leopard was seen this morning resting atop a Sausage Tree close to Two-Trees Crossing. We were not able to get a full ID as was in the very high branches of the tree but we are hoping it might be Luambe.

An unknown leopardess was seen this morning by Kaingo junction. She was up an Ebony Tree and down below was one lioness from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride with a full belly. Possibly this lioness stole a kill away from this leopardess.

This afternoon 4 lionesses from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride were found at the bottom end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. All of them looked well fed and were relaxing in the shade of some trees.

Later we found another 7 members of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride at the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. They made their way down to the Luangwa River and on their return they found the other 4 pride members and they were reunited.

The 4 Luwi Male Lions were seen this afternoon on Lion Shelf. They were sleeping in the heat of the day but shortly after sunset the rose and began roaring and scent marking as they moved through the night.

The male leopard Golden Boy was found during the night moving along the Mwamba river bank not too far away for Shortcut Crossing.

24 August – Friday

Early this morning we found the Kaingo Pack of wild dogs. 8 Members were altogether sleeping at the Top End of Fish Eagle Lagoon. They slept the entire day, and just before sunset they awoke and attempted to hunt some puku but were not successful.

Chiphadzuwa was seen this afternoon on the beach close to Hippo Hospital. She was on the beach resting for a while, later she got up and moved along the rivers edge towards Acacia loop where we finally lost sight of her.

That same night we found 5 lionesses of the Hollywood Pride in the area of Lion Shelf. They attempted hunting 3 different herds of puku but managed to miss every time.

25 August – Saturday

This morning in the area of Lion Shelf we found the 4 Luwi Male Lions. They were roaring away during the sunrise and once again are advertising their dominance in the area.

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were also seen later on. Close to the Hippo Hide, we found 15 lions resting in the shade with full bellies.

The leopardess Chiphadzua was found towards the end of the morning safari. She was on Geosource road resting atop a fig tree. A bushbuck caught her attention, and she came down to hunt but was spotted in the process, and the bushbuck fled.

In the evening we found the 4 Luwi Males again in the same location. This time they were joined by 5 lionesses of the Hollywood Pride. They were all resting together, and these females seem very content that the Luwi Males have taken over the area.

26 August – Sunday

This morning once again we found the 4 Luwi Male Lions. They were on the Luangwa River bank, staring intently over the river. On the other side, we spotted the Nsefu Pride watching the 4 Luwi Males to see whether or not they would cross the river. In the end, they decided against it and slept the rest of the day.

This morning we also found an unknown male leopard in the Kaingo Ebony Grove. He was atop a tree with an impala kill. He climbed down and moved towards the closest water he could find for a drink. Immediately after finishing, he moved back towards his kill ensuring no intruders could steal it.

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were found on the outskirts of Lion Plains this evening close towards Shortcut Crossing. 15 lions were sleeping in the shade of some trees. It was interesting to see that the Hollywood Pride, 5 members, were resting less than 500m away. Luckily the wind had not given away their position, or there would be some problems should the two prides find each other.

27 August – Monday

The unknown male leopard was still seen in the Kaingo Ebony Grove this morning. He was resting in some long grass with no sign of his kill in the trees above. We can only assume it fell to the ground and possibly stolen by some hyenas.

That night, two young males of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were seen close to Kaingo Junction. They were calling in the hopes of making contact with their other two brothers but were being careful not to call too loud to alert the Luwi Males to their whereabouts.

28 August – Tuesday

We started this morning with the same two young males from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride. They were still by Kaingo Junction and were contact calling most of the morning. Eventually, they got a response from the rest of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride who were a far distance away.

The Hollywood pride was seen later on that morning. 5 lionesses were sleeping in some shade on Acacia Loop. It seems they must have made a small kill during the night, as they all looked well fed and there was no remaining carcass nearby.

The leopardess Mayi was seen this afternoon right next to the Hippo Hide. She was sleeping in a thicket and was darkness fell she left the bushes and began prowling around looking for some possible prey.

Another one of the young Mwamba-Kaingo males was seen tonight in the area of Chimbwi Loop. Also calling, hoping to get a response from the pride but unfortunately he remained without answer.

29 August – Wednesday

This morning at Two-Trees Crossing we found 3 members of the Hollywood Pride. They moved towards Lion Plains, where they attempted hunting a small herd of zebra but were unsuccessful. Afterwards, they moved off to sleep in the shade of some nearby trees. That night we caught up with the same lions not too far away from where we left them. This time sleeping with full bellies – clearly they managed to catch something small during the day.

Chiphadzuwa was seen this afternoon. She was close to Fish Eagle Lagoon resting in a dead fallen down tree. During sunset, she began calling over and over to hopefully get a response from a possible mate in the area but with no success

Big Cat Roundup


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  1. Avatar
    Jilly Elston September 1, 2018 at 12:29 am - Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful weekly Big Cat roundups. On the map I don’t see the Last Waterhole hide, could you explain where it is in conjunction with say the hippo hide please? Had some incredible sightings online so far, absolutely love these webcams!

    • Mwamba
      Mwamba September 6, 2018 at 7:19 am - Reply

      Hi Jilly,
      The Last Waterhole Hide is within Mwamba Bushcamp, along the Mwamba River. It is one of the last remaining pools of water once the river dries. From about August, we start diverting water there from the camp borehole to try to keep it at a constant level.

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