Big Cat Roundup

This last week has produced some incredible sightings. Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

20 September – Thursday 

14 members of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were spotted this morning. They were in the Kaingo Ebony Grove. They seemed to be stressed out and running away for something. A little later we found 3 of the Luwi Males in pursuit of the pride following their scent trail. 5 of the lions even crossed over the Luangwa River to escape the males.

That afternoon we found a young unknown male leopard wondering through the Acacia Ebony grove. He seemed very relaxed and continued down his path as we watched him. Later he climbed up a Natal Mahogany tree where he had a nap.

Later during the night drive, we found the leopardess, Chiphadzuwa. She was located at the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. She had climbed atop a Leadwood tree where she was feeding on an impala carcass safely away from any nearby hyenas.

21 September – Friday

We started off this morning finding the young unknown make leopard on Acacia Loop. He was up a Sausage tree feeding on a fresh puku carcass from the night before. Below the tree was plenty of impala and baboon. The young male decided to descend the tree which was a mistake as almost straight away he got chased out the area by the baboons.

Later on, we relocated Chiphadzuwa on her same kill in the same tree from the day before, by the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. She fed for a while and then climbed down to rest at the base of the tree.

4 lionesses from the Hollywood Pride were found sleeping on the other side of the Luangwa river close to Elephant Bend.

14 lions of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride were found sleeping in the Kaingo Ebony Grove. Once the sun had set and it was completely dark, they began moving down towards the Luangwa River for a drink of water before moving off to start hunting.

Later we also saw the leopardess, Mayi, at Shortcut Crossing. She was hunting a herd of puku but was unlucky and was spotted before she could strike.

22 September – Saturday

We found Chiphadzuwa this morning just finishing off her impala carcass by the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon.

We found an unknown male leopard early this morning in the Kaingo Ebony Grove. Once being spotted he headed towards the bushes but not before we noticed he is still very young.

During the night we found 6 lionesses from the Kapanda Pride sleeping along the road on Lion Plains. We do not often see them this far out of their territory.

By Pelican Lagoon we found 6 lionesses from the Hollywood Pride. They were busy hunting impalas but unfortunately for them, they were unsuccessful.

During the night we found the leopadess, Mayi. To our delight, she was with a cub. A young male that we think is about 6 months of age. They were close to Kaingo Ebony Grove where mother and cub were playing on the ground, and we noticed the remains of an antelope above in a nearby tree.

23 September – Sunday

This morning we found an unknown male leopard in the area of Leopard Loop. He was sleeping on a horizontal branch of a tree almost at eye level, and he was remarkably calm and relaxed.

Later that same morning we found a young unknown leopard around 9 months of age on the edge of Lion Plains sleeping on the side of the road.

This evening we found an unknown leopardess hiding in the long grass on the East Mwamba Crossing. After a few moments, she quickly moved off into some thicker bush to remain hidden.

Again we saw Mayi and her cub. They were finishing off the remains of an impala carcass in a Leadwood tree in the Kaingo Ebony Grove.

24 September – Monday

6 Kapanda Pride lionesses were found this morning. They were close to the area of Waterbuck Lagoon where they drank from one of the last remaining pools of water. After drinking, the lions made their way to the shade of some nearby trees where they had a nap.

The 4 Luwi Males were found later on the opposite side of the Luangwa river close to the bottom end of Fish Eagle Lagoon waiting for an opportunity to cross.

Later that morning we found 6 lionesses from the Hollywood Pride close to Elephant Bend. They were all sleeping escaping the heat of the sun under a Natal Mahogany tree.

That afternoon we found the male leopard, Golden Boy. He was close to the Elephant Hide feeding on a female bushbuck. The kill was almost finished, and he looked extremely well fed.

25 September – Tuesday

The 4 Luwi Males were found at the bottom end of Fish Eagle Lagoon resting. It seemed like they swam over during the night. They were resting in the shade keeping an eye on a buffalo in the distance.

Golden boy was found again this morning feeding on the bushbuck from the day before close to the Elephant Hide.

On Leopard Loop we found Mayi and her cub sleeping in a dried out river bed. Later in the afternoon, they both tried to stalk an impala herd, but they were unsuccessful.

26 September – Wednesday

Golden Boy was seen close to the elephant hide sleeping atop a tree next to the last remains of a bushbuck carcass.

During that night just south of Kaingo Junction we found 14 lions of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride walking together with the 4 Luwi Males they where slowly moving towards the Kaingo Ebony Grove

Big Cat Roundup


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