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July 7

Our Big Cat Roundup for this week starts with Sylvester and his guests finding one big solitary unknown male lion with a very dark mane at the Baobab Forest, we’re rounding up images from pervious years to understand if he is new to the area or a male we haven’t seen in several years. He had recently eaten, full bellied and was calling.

July 8

Patrick and his guests found an unknown female leopard who was very relaxed sleeping next to Charles Lagoon, hopefully we will see more of her in the future. It was a very windy morning when Sylvester came across the entire Hollywood Pride (13 members) huddled together, sleeping on the banks of the Luangwa river. Later that evening Sylvester returned to find the whole pride hunting 3 male buffalo and one female actually managed to jump on one¬†buffalo’s back, but without support from her fellow pride members, he managed to shake her off and escape.

July 9

This morning Chipadzua was found at the bottom end of the Fish Eagle Lagoon using an old dry hippo channel to hunt some impala, she broke cover to soon and spooked the impala. In the afternoon at Fish Eagle Lagoon Malaika was seen hunting some puku, she got extremely close but at the last moment the wind changed direction and the puku caught scent of female leopard and had a narrow escape. She made her way all to the top end of the lagoon where attempting to take down an impala against the steep bank however she seemed to miss another opportunity and made her way out the lagoon and into the bush.

July 10

Early in the morning we got a nice surprise of a nice large male leopard Tyson walking in Lion Plains, later that night he was spotted again lying down in a old hippo run at Fish Eagle Lagoon. Two female Lionesses from the Kapanda pride were found on Crocodile Loop close to Mwamba Bushcamp on a freshly killed Puku.

July 11

Close to Shortcut Crossing two female leopards, Malaika and Chipadzua, were found with a Puku kill, the kill was later stolen by hyena and forced the leopards to hide atop a tree. Tyson the male leopard is being seen more and more lately , this time in the area of lilac corner, when our guide Andrew found him he was being harassed by 12 hyena who stole a kill he had stashed in a near by bush , he managed to escape un-harmed

July 12

Sandy and his guests were admiring some Puku around the area of hippo hospital when in a flash the female lepard, Chipadzua, killed one of the Puku. she then dragged it into a nearby bush and caught her breath, it is great to see her making her own kill for a change and not leaning on mom for support.

July 13

6 members of the Hollywood Pride were found in good spirits all playing with eachother at the Main Shelf Island.

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