Thursday 18th July

Thursday’s here at Shenton Safaris are dedicated to Big Cat Roundup. Therefore, it only seems appropriate that the strongest cat of them all, the lion, are out in force. 

Nine members of the famous MK (Kaingo-Mwamba) Pride are at Deb’s tree. They look hungry as they all drink from the water’s edge. Tonight, they will hunt. 

Friday 19th July 

Guide and guests have almost finished with their day’s activities, they are returning to camp, ready to have drinks and dinner and chat away about the day’s sightings. As they approach starry light Kaingo, a cat intersects the spotter’s lamp. Mchenja boy, a large leopard crosses the road in front of the vehicle on his homeward stretch into Kaingo. The welcome party watch as the leopard trots across through the bushes and behind the kitchen. Everyone feels nothing but glee. 

Saturday 20th July

An unknown female is spotted near our shortcut crossing, as she trots loose fur on her stomach flaps in time. We believe she may have cubs.

Sunday 21st July 

Chiphadzuwa and her cub, Chidwi, have been the talk of the camp for the past few weeks. Chidwi sits in the lower branches of a sausage tree, he plays with his tail as if he has just discovered it. Guide and guests spend hours brooding over the beautiful cub. Want to see footage of this event? Just follow this link. 

Monday 22nd July 

15 wild dogs rest in the shade, they play, squeal and bond before commencing with hunting in the later stages of the day, when it is cooler and they have the advantage of nightfall. 

Tuesday 23rd July 

We find the dogs again, a pair are mating as the rest spend more time interacting and bonding with each other. These moments and rituals are important for a pack of dogs as their social structure contains strong bonds. If a dog is injured or weak, the pack will continue to feed the member. What’s more, pups are nurtured and looked after by the entire pack. A truly inspiring species. 

Wednesday 24th July

Chidwi is spotted at the base of a sausage tree, he is entertaining himself as his mum hunts. Chidwi translates to curious one in Nyanja, each time we find ourselves with Chidwi, he lives up to his name more and more.

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