Thursday 15th August
The day of the leopards, two males and one female (Chiphadzuwa) are spotted by Syl and his guests. The young male stalks impala without luck, their alarm call goes and without hesitation, the herd of antelope are disappearing from sight as they leap and bound avoiding potentially fatal obstacles. Chiphadzuwa, on the other hand, had time for a starter on her way to hunt. The fantastic cat catches and devours a squirrel before proceeding on with her original plan to hunt puku. 

Friday 16th August
On this crisp Friday morning, Hippo Lagoon plays host to every different species of animal in the valley apart from a… hippo. What a day Syl and his guests have. Eleven lions, thirteen wild dogs and four leopards, in one day. The eleven lions slept, stomachs bulging so much that the greedy cats appeared to be in discomfort. Fully aware that this state of suffice would continue throughout the day, Syl and guests found themselves watching an old male leopard eating an impala kill up a sausage tree. The long beige fruits hung heavy on the branches, against the fluorescent green of the healthy leaves. The old male feasts on his kill undisturbed.

Saturday 17th August
In the early hours of Saturday morning, a voice bellowed down the radio stating there was a large pride of lions in camp, they are active and appear to be hunting. The lions make their kill right at the heart of Kaingo, the chitenge. A juvenile hippo falls victim to the 18 lions. 
Watch this space for further details on this extraordinary evening. 

Sunday 18th August 
Chiphadzuwwa and Chidwi lay in a sausage tree. Healthy and bloated, the pair have already feasted. Chidwi has been an exception little cub thus far. To our delight, Matt witnessed her first known kill, a porcupine smaller than the cub falls victim and Chidwi ends her day victorious. 

Monday 19th August
Sandy and his guest are on foot and have spent a significant amount of time inspecting the dung that the intercepts their path. However, it was not long until the dung auditing turned to track following. A fresh print resembles a lions paw, the Kapanda pride are not far away and Gideon and Sandy seize the opportunity and take the guest on the walk of their life. To their delight, the tracking had paid off and just 70 metres away lay the pride with their five playful cubs.  

Tuesday 20th August
It appears that hyenas are always at the centre of some kind of altercation, or is this an unfair statement? They have a reputation as being scavengers and rightly so. A hyena making its own kill despite being excellent hunters is a rare occasion. Guide and guests spot a pack of sixteen wild dogs, they are on the move and trot with purpose and intent. Amongst the mayhem of a stalk, the pack is somehow split up and a kill is made. However, hot on their heels, several hyena swoop in. A jostle breaks out and it quickly turns more sinister. The hyenas outnumber the wild dogs and possess much more strength, within seconds the kill is lost and the hyenas feed on their loot. This time the wild dogs miss out. 

Wednesday 21st August 
Chiphadzuwa is a fantastic hunter, to say the least. She is spotted in the lower branches of a sausage tree, an impala had not seen her and grazes in the dappled shade that is occupied by the excellent hunter. In one fell swoop, Chiphadzuwa drops down and lands directly on the impala. The kill has been made but the hard part is not over. Hyena’s sweep in and outnumber the elegant leopard. Chiphadzuwa loses her kill. Distress follows, Chiphadzuwa is then spotted calling for Chidwi and the cub is not appearing. The mother continues to call with no luck.

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