Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings that our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

Thursday 13th June

Good morning Africa from guide Sandy and his two guests. The two viewers and their trustee guide are at Leopard Loop, they have found themselves here as they had set off from Mwamba Bush Camp. Mwamba means heaven in the local dialect Nyanja, so, leaving heaven for game viewing in the morning must mean one’s day is going from strength to strength. What’s more, Sandy has his first sighting of the famous MK Pride (Mwamba- Kaingo). Nine lions strong, the pride are resting in the early morning sun.

After the success of finding nine lions in the morning, Sandy has an eventful evening as well. Two leopards are hungry. Mama Kaingo is hunting at Leopard Loop and Chiphadzuwa is hunting at Acacia loop. Sandy and his two guests had their timing perfect and were on the scene for both events. Patience and time is a necessity when watching a leopard hunt. The pair take their time and Sandy advises that they will hopefully secure their supper later in the evening. 

Friday 14th June

A male leopard is spotted marking his territory near Acacia Loop. This duty takes up a significant amount of time. However, informing others of their presence is imperative. Since a leopard is a solitary animal, a fight is always avoided at all costs. If a leopard were to fall injured, there would be no support from a pride or pack to do their hunting. These shy, beautiful creatures rely solely on their own hunting for food.

Saturday 15th June

Saturday brings some fascinating leopard sightings. Patrick and his guests are at the Ebony Cathedral, just a short drive away from Kaingo camp. The ebony forest is alive with action. Three leopards are occupying one tree, Mchenja Boy is up in the tree, there, he is accompanied by Mama Kaingo’s cub. At the base of the tree lays Mama Kaingo looking well fed. In the lower branches of the tree, there appears to be a dispute taking place. Guests and Patrick watch on as Mjencha Boy, a large male fights with Mama Kaingo’s cub over a puku kill. Quite the sighting!

Sunday 16th June

A sausage tree is always a lovely sighting in our eyes. Lushes green leave and bulging fruits hanging heavy from thick branches. It is not uncommon to find a hippo chomping into the fruit come nightfall. Chiphadzuwa and her cub had decided to make this sausage tree their home for the day. The mother and son fed happily on a puku in the branches. 

Monday 17th June

Lions hunting is the most fantastic spectacle of all. Four of the Hollywood male nomads prowl, walking slowly and cautiously along the river bank. Their prey? A baby hippo. No success for the nomads, but a fabulous sight for the guests with the Luangwa River flowing peacefully in the background. 

Tuesday 18th June

Mchenja Boy is at it again. However, this time he is attempting to find his own supper. Mchenja Boy stalks and prowls towards the Ebony Grove, he gently moves elegantly avoiding small obstructions. Mchenja boy slides off into the bushes and just like that, he is out of sight for guests and guide. Good luck Mchenja Boy.

Wednesday 19th June 

A truly fantastic day for guests. Complete success all round, sightings of wild dogs, leopards, lions and other interesting game such as honey badgers (read our blog about how these fearless little creatures will take on almost anything) and porcupines. Patrick’s guests watch on as lions feast on a kill, they follow wild dogs as they trot through the night and spot the most ruthless animal in the bush, the honey badger. What more could you want from the Zambian bush?

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