Friday 13th

Mwamba is surrounded by the Kapanda pride, hundreds of buffalos and Tyson the leopard. As the sun dips below the horizon, Mwamba has already seen a hunt take place just in front of the office. Tyson kills a baboon causing a riot amongst the troop. The day continues and a herd of hundreds of buffaloes makes their way to the waterhole. In a cloud of a dust, the buffalos drink, watching them- the Kapanda pride. The lions surround Mwamba, one female lay resting in front of Mwamba’s office. The rest behind Mwamba, following the buffalos. However, they have no gone on unseen and the buffaloes make their escape. The lions are not fast enough to make their kill tonight.

Saturday 14th

A buffalo carcass feeds the mouths of the Kapanda pride, vultures and when they get the chance, hyenas. As they lions extracts what they can from what is left of the carcass, they argue and fight for the meat proving that the lazy lions we often meat are deadly and dangerous.

Sunday 15th

Chipadzuwa is spotted at Acacia loop and the fantastic female is calling. Her call resonates across then dry valleys. The lovely lady is calling for a mate and has been for quite a few days now. 

Monday 16th

Mama Kaingo’s son- Tangu lays in the lower branches of a sausage tree. Asleep and seemingly completely unaware of us, the small leopard boasts a full belly and a shiny healthy coat. Mama Kaingo did a fantastic job with this leopard and Tangu is growing ever more confident by the day. 

Tuesday 17th

A slinky, shy and streamlined leopard dips between thickets and cover, avoiding being seen in the early morning sun. As the unknown leopard ducks and dives between cover her tail is raised and curled over exposed the bright white tip. This behaviour is her sign to what is usually her prey that her white flag is raised and she is not hunting. Yet still, vervets in the tree tops barks and torment the female as she makes her journey through the valley.

Wednesday 18th

A morning with the cubs of the kapanda pride will always bring joy to game viewers. Bellies bloated to the point of discomfort, the cubs tried to play and bond but in this fragile state of being overfed, the cubs just toppled onto their back and lay in the mid-morning sun surrounded by their equally full mothers.

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