Big Cat Roundup

This last week has produced some incredible sightings. Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

11 October – Thursday 

This morning by Wild Dog Lagoon, we found 15 members from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride. They were on the lookout for any potential prey to walk past.

Later at Debs Tree, we found an unknown male leopard sleeping in some thick bush. We are not sure if we had seen this leopard before as an ID was not possible.

Sly and his guests saw 6 of the Hollywood Lionesses sleeping at the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon in the morning. That night they began hunting and managed to catch an impala which they finished in minutes.

The Leopardess Chiphadzuwa was seen this afternoon. She was walking along the road close to Hippo Hospital before making her way down to the river to drink.

12 October – Friday

Chiphadzuwa was found sleeping in a Sausage Tree at the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon this morning. She remained there the entire day before climbing down and moving down to the river for a drink. On her return trip, she managed to kill a scrub hare and enjoy the small snack to keep her going.

This morning south of Kaingo Junction we found 3 lionesses from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride with 5 cubs around 3 months of age. Later that evening the lionesses took turns going down to the river for a drink before returning and moving the cubs into some thick bush where there is possibly a den site.

13 October – Saturday

This morning on Boston Loop we found 3 lionesses from the Mwamba-Kaingo Prides with their 5 little cubs. The cubs were taking turns suckling and playing with each other.

The Mwamba leopardess was found this morning. She was atop a Sausage Tree and Mwamba Crossing waiting for some impala to come and feed on the flowers below.

6 Hollywood Pride Lionesses were found with faces covered in blood. They were sleeping in a gully along Acacia Loop. The night they tried to hunt some puku close to Hippo Hospital, but unfortunately, they missed.

Also this morning we saw Chiphadzuwa sleeping in a Sausage Tree right in the middle of Fish Eagle Lagoon.

This afternoon we found 9 lions from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride sleeping in the Kaingo Ebony Grove close to the river. They were all relaxing in the shade and looked extremely well fed.

The leopardess, Mayi, and her cub were seen on Leopard Loop. Luckily for us, they were in a very relaxed mood today and decided to take a nap right next to the road.

By the cover of darkness, we had an incredible sighting by  Longcut Crossing. 4 Luwi Males and 7 Mwamba-Kaingo female killed a warthog. 1 Luwi Male dominated the kill and claimed it for himself while the other lions watched on with envy.

14 October – Sunday

This morning south of Kaingo Junction we found the 3 Mwamba-Kaingo lionesses sleeping in a mall ebony grove in the company of their 5 cubs.

Later we found another Mwamba-Kaingo lioness, Spotlip, with to young adolescent male lions from the same pride. They were sleeping under an acacia tree by Longcut Crossing.

We found another 9 lions for the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride sleeping in the Kaingo Ebony Grove, towards the end of the morning they attempted to hunt some impala but were unsuccessful.

We saw 1 unknown male leopard walking down the main road close to Kaingo Junction. He kept a close watch on some nearby impala but never attempted to hunt.

The 6 Hollywood lionesses were found napping close to Fish Eagle Lagoon this afternoon. After their nap, they attempted to hunt a small herd of puku but were unsuccessful.

This afternoon we caught up with the beautiful leopardess, Chiphadzuwa. She was on Acacia Loop, and we managed to watch her kill a puku. Before she could begin eating 2 hyenas ran in and stole the kill and drag it down into the water of the Luangwa River. Chiphadzuwa followed them, and when she realised she could not get the kill back, she went back to where the first hunt took place hoping to find some scraps, before climbing up a tree and taking a nap.

15 October – Monday

This morning Chiphadzuwa was found high ontop of a Sausage Tree close to Hippo Hospital. While watching her some impala arrived and started feeding on the fallen flowers bellow. The leopardess wanted to try and hunt but unfortunately she was too high up the tree to jump down. Once the Impala left she climbed down the tree and walked towards Acacia Loop.

South of Kaingo Junction we found 1 unknown male and 1 unknown female leopard. They were feeding together on a puku carcass.

4 Mwamba-Kaingo lionesses were found on the Mwamba Extention. They attempted to stalk some wildebeest, but a passing herd of buffalo arrived and chased the lions away.

2 Luwi Males and 1 Mwamba-Kaingo lioness were found sleeping close to Wild Dog Lagoon.

6 Hollywood lioness was seen resting on the main Lion Shelf without a care in the world.

South of Kaingo Junction we saw 3 Mwamba-Kaingo lionesses with the last remaining Hollywood male lion. They were lying down and feeding on a buffalo.

A young unknown male leopard was found in the Kaingo Ebony Grove. He was sleeping atop a Sausage tree and looked very well fed.

16 October – Tuesday

This morning on the West Mwamba Stream we found Tyson the handsome male leopard. He woke up and came down the tree moving about 200m down the stream and up another tree where he started napping again.

We got a glimpse of two unknown mating leopards in the area of the 040 this morning. Once they got sight of us, they moved off into some thick bush.

This afternoon we found 1 Luwi Male with 4 lioness from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride feeding on a buffalo on Crocodile Loop.

6 wild dogs we think from the Kaingo Pack weere also found running around on Crocodile loop luckily not close toPM wild dogs 6 moving on crocodile loop where the lions were.

17 October – Wednesday

This morning the male leopard Tyson was found feeding on the same buffalo carcass on Cocodile Loop . The lions had moved off and made another kill.

3 Luwi Males and 4 Mwamba-Kaingo lionesses were found feeding on a buffalo on Zebra Loop. They had abandoned the first kill completely

The Mwamba leopardess made her way through Mwamba Camp while staff members and guests watched on from the dinner table, what an amazing experience.

Big Cat Roundup


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