Big Cat Roundup

Shenton Safaris Big Cat Round Up

11 August – Thursday

We begin this weeks Big Cat Roundup with Patrick and guests coming across the Kaingo/Mwamba pride , 3 sub-adult females & 2 yearling males, early that morning along morning along the Mwamba River. The pride was being lazy and sleeping on a termite mound under the shade of a tree

Later on that evening the Leopardess Malaika was found sauntering around Fish Eagle Lagoon , after 15 minutes her daughter Chipudzua arrived following here mom from a distance which in turn disturbed any chances of hunting.

12 August – Friday

Patrick and his guests continued their lucky sightings this morning by seeing 3 Leopards in the first hour of drive! First they found the large male leopard Luambe hunting around Shortcut Crossing before making his way into the thickets. Afterwards they came across the Leopardess Shy Girl and 1 year old Son , they posed for a few pictures before making their way deep into the Acacia Ebony Grove.

That afternoon Yoram and his guests also had a 3 Leopard game drive when they saw Malaika and Chiphadzuwa being pestered by an unidentified young male Leopard at Short-cut Crossing. Malaika soon saw him off! Later Chipudzua was found by the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon relaxing in the shade, but having a difficult time as she was constantly being bothered by some flies buzzing around her head.

Malaika was seen later with a freshly killed Impala up a tree with 2 Hyaenas walking around beneath the Leadwood (Combretum imberbe).

13 August – Saturday

Great start to the day with all guests seeing the Hollywood Pride, 13 members, sleeping on the bank of Fish Eagle Lagoon. They all looked well fed with faces covered in blood,  a little bit further down the road the remains of a Puku was found which most probably was their meal. That afternoon the Pride moved in the direction of Lion plains already on the prowl once again.

That same evening Chiphadzuwa was found sleeping up a tree in Fish Eagle Lagoon watching various animals moving along almost like she was deciding which one she would be hunting tonight. Her mother Malaika was seen by Sandy and his guests in the company of another unknown male Leopard at Long-cut Crossing. A little later the Hollywoods were on the move towards Lion Plain and at the same time Tyson the big male Leopard was seen moving towards Short-cut Crossing.

A young unknown female Leopard came and drank water at the Mwamba Bushcamp hide, she was very relaxed . hopefully we start to see more of her

14 August – Sunday

Since the start of the season we have only seen the Kaingo/Mwamba pride with about 6 or 7 members. However this morning we had another surprise after the complete pride was found around Chimbwi Loop. 11 members in total! 3 adults and 8 cubs – the cubs ages ranged from around 3 months to 5 months old.  We are sure we will be seeing more of them and will keep you all updated.

Also Sylvester and his guests found a large unknown male Leopard with a very distinctive scar across his face. he was sleeping under the shade of a Tamarind Tree (Tamarindus indica) and at the top of the tree a Impala carcass was seen hanging from some branches.

Along with the above, Yoram and his guests also saw Malaika on GeoSource resting for some time before making an attempt on some Warthogs, which she missed.

Late that afternoon Sylvester returned to where the lions were found this morning. Only the cubs were present, playing with each other while it appeared the adult Lionesses were off hunting.

15 August – Monday

This morning started off with the 13 strong Hollywood pride hunting Buffalo in the Short-cut Crossing area. They were accompanied by 10 Hyaenas . They stalked the Buffalo over the next 2 hours and forced them to cross through Fish Eagle Lagoon where one weak female Buffalo was slow down in the mud giving the Hollywood Pride the opportunity to kill her. By that afternoon the Buffalo carcass was almost finished with the Hollywoods relaxing near by with full bellies.

Patrick and his guests found Leopardess Malaika walking up the dried up Mwamba River along side Lion Plains.

16 August – Tuesday

The Mwamba/Kaingo Pride was found on Chimbwi Loop relaxing in the shade. 14 lions in total , 4 adult Females, 5 cubs between 2-5 months and the 3 Numbu Boys – It seems the cubs belong to the Numbu Boys and it so great to see the females interacting with their cubs , read more about it here “Kaingo/Mwamba Pride Make a Come Back!“. The Pride had not moved the whole day and was still found there that afternoon.

That afternoon the staff at Mwamba Bushcamp were alerted to Baboon alarm calling at the Mwamba Hide and upon further inspection found the large male Leopard Tyson had kill a female Impala close to the waters edge. He later dragged his kill to the opposite bank and up a tree.

17 August – Wednesday

Sylvester and his guests found the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride still out on Chimbwi Loop, counting 3 adult females, 2 adult males and 8 cubs on their morning game drive. Sly identified one of the females as Spot Lip, and 2 of the Numbu Boys. The cubs were still actively playing with each other and the males.

Out at Hippo Hospital, 2 unknown males were spotted in the afternoon. drinking water with full bellies.

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