Thursday 1st August

A Hollywood male sleeps near the Hippo hide. Unfortunately, the once beautiful male looks old and injured. His back legs are wounded and bloody and he looks tired. Guide and guests let the male rest in peace. 

Friday 2nd August

It is not uncommon for animals to come to us here at Shenton Safaris. Mchenja Boy ambles from Kaingo’s elephant hide, through the dense thickets and then down into camp. The strong make leopard is relaxed as camp wakes up around him, he continues from back of house right to the Chitenje and then down towards short-cut crossing. Syl and his guests follow the leopard until he stops to sit on a fallen ebony branch. 

Chiphadzuwa and Chidwi spend the afternoon feeding on a bushbuck kill up a sausage tree. These two really are a fantastic pair, they eventually navigate their way down the tree and stop at the base to play and bond. 

Saturday 3rd August

The MK’s are occupying the ebony grove and Patrick and his guests are following the eight lions. The girls have stopped to drink at a small lagoon set back just 50 metres from the Luangwa River and as Patrick surveys the horizon, just 30 metres away Mama Kaingo walks down a gulley and towards them. The leopard continues to walk towards the eight lions and Patrick shares his concerns as she continues to grow closer and closer. The lions spot Mama Kaingo and two females begin to run towards her, Esco removes his spotlight from the leopard in fear that it is distorting her eyesight, she eventually has an extremely late reaction and starts to bolt for refuge. The lions continue to chase but she is safe. Want to read more about this sighting? Just follow this link. What’s more, we have it on film, watch this space for the video. 

Sunday 4th August

Two big cats with two kills. Patrick and his guests find himself with Chiphadzuwa, her cub and the remainder of their kill. They both finish off what is left until Chiphadzuwa leaves the tree and walks towards the Oasis.

The sun then dips behind the horizon and Patrick spots the four Nomads looking extremely bloated and almost uncomfortable in their full state. Not far from the boys is the waterbuck kill which they return to feed on from time to time as Patrick and his guests photograph and talk about the boys. 

Monday 5th August

Guide and guest are on their way to Wild Dog Lagoon Hide and just as they approach the hide, they are stopped in their tracks. The four Nomads sleep, their only movements are the occasional flick of their tail to deter tsetse flies from biting them.

Tuesday 6th August

The MK’s do not go hungry, Shayne and his guest’s find the fantastic lions feeding on a hippo carcass. It appears that they are arguing at who gets to feed on the hippo, the power struggle continues but they are all fed.

Wednesday 7th August 

Shayne finds little Chidwi undergoing one of her first lessons. Mum is teaching the little cub how to survive, it is time for a hunting lesson. Chidwi is learning the art of stalking and Shayne states that the little cub is an absolute natural. 

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