Big Cat Roundup

This last week has produced some incredible sightings. Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

04 October – Thursday 

This morning out by Numbu Platform we found 6 lionesses from the Kapanda Pride. They were joined by one of the Luwi males. They were trailing behind a herd of buffalo moving towards a mopane thicket in the general direction of Mwamba.

A large unknown male leopard was found sleeping under a fallen down tree on the Mwamba stream close to Long Cut Crossing. We think this could be a nomadic male passing through the area.

This afternoon the leopardess, Chiphadzuwa, was seen sleeping in a tree looking out over the Luangwa River. After a short time, she descended the tree and started moving in the direction of Hippo Hospital hoping to get some hunting done.

Later that night just outside Mwamba, the Mwamba leopardess was seen. It is incredible how relaxed this leopard has become over these last 5 months, with weekly sightings and at close quarters.

05 October – Friday

We started by finding the 6 lionesses of the Kapanda Pride with the 4 Luwi males. The 10 lions were sleeping in the dried out Crocodile river not too far away from Mwamba. The herd of buffalo from the previous day were also grazing a short distance away, completely unaware of the lions nearby.

This afternoon close to Acacia Loop we found the lovely Chiphadzuwa. The leopardess was attempting to hunt some puku but unfortunately, the wind was not in her favour, and the prey was quickly alerted to her presence.

06 October – Saturday

This afternoon the leopardess, Chiphadzuwa, was spotted. She was leaving the Acacia Ebony Grove and went to the river for a quick drink before disappearing back into the bush.

Just after sunset the male leopard Golden Boy was spotted close to Guineafowl Plains. He was walking towards Hippo Hide, and when he arrived there, he took a nap under a tree.

The Mwamba leopardess was seen just outside camp moving towards the Last Waterhole Hide. She has been spotted in and around camp lately and has learnt that the waterhole is a great place to hunt as your prey is always there.

In the cover of darkness, the Mwamba-Kaingo pride was found. They were having a drink down at the Luangwa River close to the Elephant Hide. Once they were done, the 13 lions made their way towards the Kaingo Ebony Grove to begin hunting.

07 October – Sunday

This morning on Acacia Loop our guests had a fantastic sighting. 13 lions from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride worked well together and managed to kill a Cookson’s Wildebeest right in the middle of the road. We watched them feeding until a small fight broke out among them, within 30 minutes the carcass was finished the kill. Later that afternoon all the lions were seen moving in the direction of Fish Eagle Lagoon.

That night the 4 Luwi Males were found sleeping in the area of Longcut Crossing. They didn’t seem to be getting up anytime soon.

08 October – Monday

This morning the 4 Luwi Males were seen sleeping with full bellies at Long Cut Crossing. The must of eaten a good meal during the night. It seems they will be sleeping the entire day with no plans to move any time soon.

During the night drive, we found Mayi with her cub. They were walking along the Kaingo Ebony Grove. After following them they lead us to some thick bush, they disappeared inside and a short while later we could hear the crunching of bones. They were enjoying a kill which we could not see.

09 October – Tuesday

1 adolescent male lion was found this morning. He was located in the Kaingo Ebony Grove have a drink of water from a small puddle. Later he began moving in the direction of the Elephant Hide. We think this young male is one of the ex-members from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride

In the afternoon we found the large male leopard, Golden Boy. He was not far away from Kaingo and began hunting in the area of Leopard Loop. He slowly progressed towards some puku, but because of some barking baboons they were alerted to his presence, and they ran away.

10 October – Wednesday

This morning the guests at Mwamba awoke to the sound of the 4 Luwi Males roaring down at the Last Waterhole Hide. They seemed to have killed a buffalo nearby and then came over to drink some water before heading back to their kill.

We saw a male leopard on Leopard Loop sleeping on a termite mound watching some impalas not too far away.

Later on, 6 lionesses of the Hollywood Pride were seen at Elephant Bend. They were all sleeping in the shade of a tree looking rather thin. We are sure they will make a kill soon so they can feed.

Big Cat Roundup


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  1. Avatar
    Tony Enticknap October 17, 2018 at 10:51 am - Reply

    Looking good and hopefully getting even better as the season draws to a close, particularly as we return to Kaingo next week – can’t wait to team up with Yorum again even if this time it’s only for a few days.

    Regards to all at Shenton Safaris – newsletters, website and webcams are superb,
    keep up the great work with everything you do, Tony & Tris

    PS. for some reason my website address is not being accepted on the form –

  2. Avatar
    Annette Routledge October 12, 2018 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    Hi all

    Was there any info regarding the lioness that died at Mwamba hide, which pride she was from etc??

    • Mwamba
      Mwamba October 19, 2018 at 9:23 am - Reply

      Hi Annette, She was from the Kapanda Pride

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