Big Cat Round Up

Shenton Safaris Big Cat Round Up

8 September – Thursday

This weeks Big Cat Round Up starts off with the Kaingo/Mwamba pride found close to Kaingo camp, there were 8 members, 6 adult lionesses and 2 eighteen month old cubs.

Later that afternoon Sylvester and his guests found the young Leopardess Chipudzua waiting patiently atop a Natal Mahogany tree, watching a herd of nearby Impalas. after a while she came down and attempted to hunt some roosting Guinea-fowls with little success.

9 September – Friday

In the morning the Hollywood Males, Thangu and Nyuma, were found roaring and marking their territory whilst walking in the direction of Long Cut Crossing.

The Leopards, Shy Girl and her son were found near Two Tree Crossing eating and Impala high up in a Lead wood Tree. They later came down and moved away from the area, leaving the carcass unattended.

That afternoon, 1 Lioness from the Mwamba/Kaingo pride was found near Gideon Loop relaxing under a Gardenia Bush. Later into the evening the Hollywood Males, Thangu and Nyuma were spotted walking across the Kamina Stream towards Lion Plains. They could smell the Impala kill which a Leopard had pulled up a tree. One male tried to climb the tree but was unsuccessful. Luckily he found one of the bones on the ground and starting eating whilst the other Brother looked on. The Leopard was still up the tree growling.

10 September – Saturday

On the morning drive the Hollywood pride, with 8 members, were found on Bottom end of Main Shelf. The Hollywood Males, Thangu and Nyuma, were chasing the females across the plains. They all scattered but later on 1 female accepted the males.

Later on the night drive the Hollywood Pride, of now 7 members, were found at Top End of Fish Eagle Lagoon. They were hunting Impala but were unsuccessful.

11 September – Sunday

On the Morning drive, Sylvester and his guests came across the male Leopard, Luambe, eating a Baboon under a bush at Fish Eagle Lagoon. Later on in the morning, 2 females from the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride were spotted with 2 Numbu Boys. One pair were mating and the other in courtship.

12 September – Monday

In the morning, Patrick and his guests found 7 members of the Hollywood Pride sleeping along Crocodile Stream. The 11 members of the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride, 4 adult Females and 7 Cubs, were also found resting near Long Cut Crossing. Later, in the afternoon drive, the guests witnessed one of the Mwamba/Kaingo Cubs fall into the water near Long Cut Crossing. He managed to get himself out of the water, looking rather muddy.

In the evening both Malaika and Luambe were spotted in the Acacia Ebony Grove area. Malaika was feeding on a Guinea fowl  and Luambe was walking across the Grove, heading towards Fish Eagle Lagoon.

13 September – Tuesday

On the morning drive the Hollywood Pride, 7 sub adults, were found resting along the river bank at Fish Eagle Lagoon.

Later in the afternoon the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride, consisting of the 4 females and 6 cubs were found in the Gideon Loop Area, feeding in a Buffalo.

Patrick and his guests came across a beautiful, young female Leopard at Saddle Billed Stork Lagoon. She was very relaxed and was sleeping along the side of the road near the lagoon itself.
In the evening around Chimbwi Loop the Numbu Boys, only 2 members, were found sleeping.

14 September – Wednesday

The Mwamba/Kaingo Pride were still feeding on the Buffalo at Gideon Loop. They were now joined by 2 Males and another Cub who seemed to have been separated from the Pride the day before but had managed to find his way back.
Patrick and his guests came across Shy Girls son feeding on a Puku up high in a tree and Shy Girl was stalking Impalas down on the ground below.
Later that evening Luambe was seen feeding on a Male Puku at Acacia River Drive.

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