Showcasing some of the remarkable sightings each week, we hope you’ll enjoy being kept informed about the resident leopards and the lion prides that call the area around our camp’s home. Join us as we delve into the thrilling world of these top predators!

Wednesday 30th August

Out on their morning game drive, Sly and his guests spotted a lioness from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride near the Ebony grove, resting and sleeping.

Moving on, they then observed Taonga near Chamboa Crossing attempting to hunt baboons, but she was unsuccessful.

That afternoon, Patrick and his guests spotted Chipadzua near Two Trees Crossing, sniffing around the area before heading off towards Mwamba Extension.

Thursday 31st August

Sly and his guests spotted Chipadzua at Short-Cut Crossing near a sausage tree, attempting to ambush pukus that were eating the tree’s flowers. However, she was unsuccessful as they spotted her.

Not far away, they found Taonga sitting in the grass, watching impalas and pukus.

Two beautiful leopard sightings before breakfast – incredible!

During their evening game drive, Sly and his guests found Chisomo sitting along the riverbank near Hippo Hospital, with his sister Taonga on the other side of Jo Sosi Road, close to him.

Later that evening, they spotted Taonga heading towards Kaingo Camp.

Friday 1st September

In the morning, Sly and his guests spotted two unknown male lions lying under a tree near Hippo Hide. They appeared well-fed, but one male had a deep cut on his belly.

Later that morning, they saw Chisomo walking towards Acacia Loop with a full belly. He then sat on the side of the road watching puku and impalas.

On their afternoon drive, they spotted Chipadzua sleeping in a mahogany tree, relaxing.

Later in the afternoon, they then saw her again, this time near Fish Eagle Lagoon attempting to ambush pukus through a gully but she failed in her hunt.

Saturday 2nd September

In the morning, Sly and his guests spotted one of the new female leopards lying near Kamima Crossing.

That same morning, they saw Chipadzua walking across Lion Plain from Mwamba Extension towards Acacia Loop.

In the afternoon, they spotted the unknown female leopard again, laying in a gully near Hippo Hide. She’s obvioulsy very comfortable in the area as she’s being seen fairly regularly now.

On their evening drive, Sly and his guests saw Taonga stalking wildebeest by Acacia River Drive. She eventually gave up as the animals were too large for her to hunt.

Sunday 3rd September

Another incredible sighting for Sly and his guests, as they witnessed Chisomo and Taonga attempting to hunt puku and impala, but they failed in their hunt.

Tuesday 5th September

On their afternoon drive, Patrick and his guests spotted Nthanda near Mumbulu Loop, relaxing and sleeping alongside the roadside.

Wednesday 6th September

Patrick and his guests spotted nine members of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride, comprised of six young ones and three adults, near Mwamba Bush Camp. They were sleeping on top of the riverbank overlooking the camp.

That same afternoon near Acacia Loop, Patrick and his guests spotted Chisomo and Chipadzua walking through the bushes looking very well-fed.

Thursday 7th September

Late in the morning, Patrick and his guests spotted the Hollywood pride, comprised of one adult male, one young female and five cubs, feeding on a hippo near Elephant Bend.

Patrick and his guests continued on their drive and came across Chipadzua feasting on an impala she had killed.

However, a hyena arrived, grabbed the impala, and started feeding on it! Ultimately, Chipadzua managed to scare the hyena off though, leaving her to enjoy her meal.

We hope you enjoyed this captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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