Join us for an exhilarating adventure into the heart of South Luangwa as we unveil the latest updates on all the big cat sightings we’ve spotted near both of our camps, Kaingo and Mwamba.

Thursday 24th August

In the afternoon, Philemon and his guests spotted Nthanda near the ebony grove, appearing to be sniffing and hunting for smaller animals. Unfortunately, hyenas had stolen her bushbuck kill, leaving her to fend for herself.

That same afternoon, around Big Baobab area, Elias and his guests encountered the Hollywood pride, comprised of two lionesses and five cubs. The mother was seen nursing her cubs, and shortly after, they all went to the nearest waterhole for the cubs to drink water. The guests were so enthralled watching the cubs play, they stayed with them until sunset.

As darkness fell, Philemon and his guests spotted a male leopard near Two Trees Crossing. As he walked past the vehicle, Philemon identified the male as one of Kuwita’s older cubs from a litter a few years ago. He’s not been seen in the area for some time so we’re excited to see him back!

Rounding off an incredible day of sightings, Patrick and his guests spotted four females from the Hollywood pride eating a puku near Fish Eagle Lagoon.

Friday 25th August

In the morning, Philemon and his guests spotted Chipadzua near Acacia Loop. They observed her as she rested, cleaned herself and slept.

In the afternoon, Elias and his guests spotted Kuwita near Hippo Lagoon stalking impalas, but her attempt appeared to be unsuccessful.

Later, Philemon and his guests encountered four females from the Hollywood pride near the main shelf. Much like their leopard sighting earlier in the day, they observed as the cats rested and slept, no doubt full after their puku feast the night before.

Saturday 26th August

Sly and his guests encountered Nthanda up in a tree near Long Cut Crossing, feasting on the remains of an impala, while her mother Kuwita and sister Mwezi were resting on the other side of a gully. It’s likely Kuwita had taken down the impala, and then shared it with her daughters.

Later that same afternoon, Chipadzua was observed near Short Cut Crossing attempting to hunt. Unfortunately, the baboons and impalas were creating too much commotion, resulting in Chipadzua’s unsuccessful hunt.

During a night drive near Long Cut Crossing, Sly and his guests witnessed Nthanda and Chipadzua in close proximity, hissing at each other before Chipadzua vanished into the bushes.

Sunday 27th August

In the morning, Sly and his guests glimpsed a skittish male leopard near Mwamba in the distance. The leopard watched them for a moment before disappearing into the undergrowth.

Tuesday 29th August

During the morning, Philemon and his guests spotted three females from the Hollywood pride stealthily stalking puku and impala. However, their hunt was not met with success.

In the afternoon, Philemon and his guests encountered a male lion from the Hollywood pride near Deb’s Tree, relaxing and dozing in the grass.

During the same afternoon, Patrick and his guests came across the new female leopard wandering near Ebony Grove.

Wednesday 30th August 

In the morning, Patrick and his guests sighted Chipadzua sniffing around and heading in the direction of Mwamba Extension.

We hope you enjoyed this captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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