Big Cat Round Up

Shenton Safaris Big Cat Round Up

What an amazing week of sightings we have had out here. We are including alternative names in brackets for our Lions, the alternative names come from the newly aired Documentary-Drama on ITV “Lion Country – Night and Day” which was filmed here at Shenton Safaris during the 2016 season.  Numbu Boys (The Punks),  Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) and Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride)

Thursday – 31 August

The  wild dogs have stolen the show this week. 5 dogs from the Kaingo pack were found this morning in the area of small baobab. They were in the company of 6 puppies! This is fantastic news, later 4 adults from the pack made their way down to Mwamba Last Watering Hole for a drink of water before chasing around a hyena and in turn being chased by a angry baboon.

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were found later on this morning at Fish Eagle Lagoon. 8 adult lionesses, 4 sub-adults and 2 Numbu Boys (The Punks). They were all resting on full bellies in the shade. There was no sign of a carcass so we can assume they killed and finished the prey during the night.

The young leopardess Chiphadzuwa was found resting on a termite mound. She was close to acacia loop and had her eyes on some puku not too far away.

Just down the road from the leopard the remaining Numbu Buy (The Punk) was seen feeding on a remains of a puku under a bush , maybe he had stolen it from Chiphadzuwa.

Friday – 1 September

The Kaingo pack of dogs was seen again this morning in the same location. We think this is where they have moved the den site. 4 adults and 6 puppies, one of the females regurgitated some food for the youngsters to feed.

The Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were seen on Lion Plain this morning. They had killed a buffalo in the night and they were feeding happily.  8 adult lionesses, 4 sub-adults and 2 Numbu Boys (The Punks)

The Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride) was seen by Debs Tree this morning. 8 females and 2 males, Golum and his son. They were all trying to feed on a bushuck carcass. The younger male completely dominated the kill which is very surprising.

The Fish Eagle young male leopard was found by Fish Eagle Lagoon this morning. he was resting in the shade watching out for potential prey but was chased away by a troop of baboons.

Luambe the large male dominant leopard was found this afternoon close to Saddle-Billed Stork Lagoon resting under a bush with an extreme full belly

Saturday – 2 September

3 unknown young male lions were found on Crocodile Loop this morning. We estimate them to be close on 4 years of age. Amazingly these young males killed a large male buffalo all by themselves. They all are in excellent condition and it will be interesting to see if the hang around. Lets hope the Numbu Boys don’t find them trespassing. 

Later the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were found together with 2 of the Numbu Boys (The Punks) only 4 adult females with 6 sub-adults. They were on Lion Plain keeping a close watch on a herd of buffalo. on Acacia River Drive the rest of the pride was found, 5 lioness, in the company of the remaining male from the Numbu Boys. 1 female was mating continuously with the male. 

This afternoon a herd of giraffe staring into a sausage tree on Acacia Loop led us to discover the leopardess Chiphadzuwa. She was relaxing atop the tree just watching the giraffe pass her by.

Our Guest watched the Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s  Pride) kill a buffalo tonight. 8 adult lioness along with Golum and his son pulled done the buffalo with very little effort. this all took place right by Debs Tree

Not even 30 minutes later the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince and Ziggys Pride) also killed a buffalo on Lion Plains

Sunday – 3 September

The Hollywood Pride was seen again this morning by Debs Tree finishing off the buffalo they had killed the night before.  Later that afternoon the pride moved off to the water close by at Pelican Lagoon and remained there the rest of the night

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince and Ziggys) were also found eating their buffalo from the night before. A keen observation made by our guides is that the tiny cubs have not been seen for a couple of weeks now and it is almost safe to say they have died. We will let you know if anything changes.

Monday – 4 September

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince and Ziggys) were found this morning close to the Hippo Hide. 1 male (Numbu Boy/Punk) , 6 lionesses and 6 sub-adults. They all had extremely full bellies from the day before and were now just relaxing on the river bank watching some hippo.

Tuesday – 5 September

An unknown male leopard was found near Leopard Loop this morning. Although he still seems young he is rather large and very relaxed. He was relaxing under a bush , hopefully he stays in the area.

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince and Ziggys) were found this afternoon by to the Pelican Lagoon. 1 male (Numbu Boy/Punk) , 6 lionesses and 6 sub-adults. They were watching a herd of zebra and looks like they have not eaten since their previous buffalo from a few days ago.

Wednesday – 6 September

Chiphadzuwa the young leopardess and a young unknown male leopard were found on Andy’s Loop this morning. Chiphadzuwa was up a sausage tree with a bushbuck carcass that she was busy feeding on. The young unknown male leopard was lying on a log underneath the tree watching on in hopes that Chiphadzuwa would share her kill. No such luck.

1 male lion (Numbu Boy/Punk) was found at Debs Tree this morning all by himself. But less than a Kilometre away was the rest of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride(Prince & Ziggys Pride) and another Numbu boy resting close to Pelican lagoon waiting to see if any animals would come down to drink.

That night a herd of buffalo came to drink by Pelican Lagoon. The lions seized their chance and managed to pull down a medium sized buffalo and immediately started feeding


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