Experience the excitement of being on safari with Shenton Safaris, as we showcase some of our thrilling sightings from the past week.

From leopard kills to lazy lions, we hope you enjoy this week’s captivating highlights!

Thursday 27th July

As night fell, Sly and his guests spotted Chipadzua eating a puku under a tree near Acacia River Drive.

Leopards like puku because they are medium-sized and relatively abundant in their habitats. Besides puku, leopards also prey on animals such as impala, bushbuck, warthogs, small mammals and birds, showcasing their adaptability as opportunistic hunters.

Friday 28th July

The next morning, Sly and his guests spotted the Hollywood pride near Acacia Loop. They were seen lying down and resting. The pride compromised of four lionesses.

Afterward, they returned to where they had spotted Chipadzua the previous night and saw that she was with her two cubs, Chisomo and Taonga.

Unfortunately, a hyena had stolen Chipadzua’s meal and was eating it near a pond. The hyena then put the carcass in the pond and left it there so that Chipadzua and her cubs wouldn’t get the kill.

Saturday 29th July

Out on their morning drive, Sly and his guests spotted a male lion from the Hollywood pride near Elephant Bend, walking and then lying down next to the river, just relaxing. Perhaps just taking in the beauty of his surrounds!

They then continued their drive and, near Hippo Hospital, spotted one female lioness from the Hollywood pride. She was roaring and calling to the rest of the pride. She’d obviously been separated, as often happens, and although no roars were heard in response, she persevered in her search.

Patrick spotted Taonga up in a sausage tree near Acacia River Drive. Chipadzua’s young daughter was feasting on a baby puku, while Chisomo was laying underneath the tree, waiting to get his share. However, Taonga was very stingy, ignoring her brother to carry on enjoying it for herself.

That evening, Sly took a drive with his guests near Hippo Hide, where they spotted Kuwita’s cub, Nthanda. She was walking and her leg looked a lot better, but she was still rather thin. Nevertheless, it’s a good sign that she is recovering from her injury and will hopefully be strong enough to resume hunting soon.

Around the same area, they also spotted Nthanda’s sister, Mwezi, walking into the bushes.




Sunday 30th July

On their morning drive, Sly and his guests spotted Chisomo near the Hippo Hide area, stalking puku and lying in the tall grass, stretching and yawning.

That same afternoon, Elias and his guests also spotted Chisomo in the same area, in a gully with two hyenas tormenting him. He eventually ran into the bush, deciding to evade them as he continued his hunt.

Later that afternoon, Elias and his guests spotted two males from the Hollywood pride near the main shelf, sleeping and relaxing in the last of the afternoon sun.

Monday 31st July

A rather special evening sighting as Yoram and his guests spotted six of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride’s cubs lying near Charles Lagoon, sleeping and resting.

What made the sighting so incredible is that there were no adults nearby.

Lion parents do leave their babies alone at times to efficiently hunt. As most parents will appreciate, not having the kids in tow definitely minimizes disturbance during a hunt! It also ensures the cubs’ safety in many ways, keeping them out of the fray or being left behind.

Time away from their cubs also allows the adults to rest and recuperate.

We hope you enjoyed this captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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