Showcasing the remarkable sightings each week, we hope you’ll enjoy being kept informed about the resident leopards and the lion prides that call the area around our camp’s home. Join us as we delve into the thrilling world of these top predators!

Thursday 19th October

During an afternoon game drive, Philemon and his guests had an exciting sighting… They spotted three females from the Hollywood Pride resting under Debbs Tree with noticably full bellies!

Following that, they came across Chisomo up in a sausage tree, peacefully sleeping near Hippo Hospital.

Philemon mentioned that Chisomo hadn’t been eating for a few days, as he isn’t a great hunter yet and relies heavily on his mother, Chipadzua, for his meals still. We’re hopeful that he will soon become more independent as he grows older.



Later that evening, they returned to Debbs Tree and observed the three female lions with five cubs.

The cubs were playfully interacting with one another, with one noticeably younger than the rest. Its mother eventually picked it up and carried it to a safer spot in the bush to protect it from passing elephants.

Friday 20th October

On their morning game drive, Philemon and his guests spotted Taonga up in a sausage tree, peacefully asleep near Mwamba Extension.

That same afternoon, they had another remarkable sighting… observing the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride feasting on a warthog near Two Trees Crossing! The pride consisted of four females.


During a night drive, Philemon and his guests witnessed Chipadzua feasting on an impala near Two Trees Crossing.

Hopefully she saved some for Chisomo too!



Monday 23rd October

On an afternoon game drive, Sly and his guests spotted the Hollywood pride at Chankhanga stream, consisting of six adult females and one sub-adult male, resting by the water.

One of the females decided to climb an ebony tree, while the others continued to lounge by the stream.

Tuesday 24th October

During a morning game drive, Sly and his guests came across the new female leopard up in a sausage tree near the old mobile hide. She was patiently waiting for impalas to come and eat the sausage tree flowers, intending to pounce on them. However, no impalas arrived during the time Sly was there so they drove on.

New female leopard

Later, at the same location, they found Chisomo lying by the stream. There was an interaction between the new female and Chisomo, marked by growling, but no physical fight occurred.

Following this sighting, they returned to the Hollywood pride’s location by the stream, and the lions were still resting together.


We hope you enjoyed this captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

The Shenton Family

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