Showcasing some of the remarkable sightings each week, we hope you’ll enjoy being kept informed about the resident leopards and lion prides that call the area around our camp’s home.

Join us as we delve into the thrilling world of these top predators!

Thursday 17th August

Out on their afternoon game drive, Patrick and his guests spotted Chipadzua near the hippo hide. She was seen sleeping on the riverbank before eventually moving towards the ebony grove.

That same afternoon, Sly and his guests spotted Taonga sitting on a river bank, trying to chase the pukus and impalas, but she was not successful with her hunt. All the antelopes were calling and knew that she was there, so she eventually gave up and left.

Saturday 19th August

Full of anticipation for their morning drive, Sly and his guests were delighted to spot Chipadzua and her daughter Taonga near Acacia Loop.

Taonga was seen up in an ebony tree, and when she got down, Chipadzua growled at her and marked her territory. Sly suspects Chipadzua is trying to get her cubs to be independent and move on their own.

Taonga and her mother then moved off together in the direction towards Fish Eagle Lagoon.

On their afternoon adventure, Sly and his guests spotted a new female leopard near Leopard Loop. Calmly sitting near a termite mound and observing her surroundings, she later got up and decided to chase a genet, but was unlucky as the genet ran up a tree with thin branches that the leopard could not climb. Clever genet! The disappointed leopard wandered off and disappeared into the bushes.

As dusk fell, Philemon and his guests spotted Chipadzua near Short-Cut Crossing where she was hunting an impala.

Renowned for her prowess, Chips managed to pounce on the impala while everyone watched entranced. A welcome evening meal for Chipadzua, she dragged the carcass off to enjoy her feast.

Later that night, Sly and his guests spotted Chipadzua once again near Mwamba Extension. She was aviding watching a dominant female Hyena eating an impala. Possibly the kill from earlier in the evening, Chipadzua lay there for a while, hoping the hyena would leave some scraps, but eventually, she gave up and moved on into the bush.

Sunday 20th August

Mwamba’s Last Waterhole hide once again proved productive…

Yoram and his guests heard lions calling so dashed to the hide just in time to find one male and two females from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride drinking from the waterhole. The pride lay there, quenching their thirst, for a few minutes until they disappeared into the darkness.

Monday 21st August

On their evening drive, Yoram and his guests spotted more lions – this time, two formidable females from the Hollywood pride, near Lion Plain.

Tuesday 22nd August

Out enjoying the scenery and shade of the Ebony Grove, Elias and his guests spotted the Mwamba-Kaingo pride resting under the trees close to a gully. The pride consisted of four females, two males, and five cubs.

Very close to where they spotted the lion pride, they then saw Nthanda laying near a log, resting and stretching. Her leg has healed a lot more, but she is still looking quite thin.

Wednesday 23rd August

In the afternoon, Philimon and his guests spotted four females and two males from the Mwamba-Kaingo pride resting near Kataba Lagoon.

We hope you enjoyed this captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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