Big Cat Round Up

Shenton safaris Big Cat Round Up

20 October – Thursday

This morning we found the leopardess Chiphadzua, she had managed to kill a Puku and was eating furiously on Acacia Loop. She remained there till the afternoon until she was found out by some Hyaenas who then proceeded to steal her kill.

9 members of the Hollywood Pride was seen in the evening hunting around Elephant Bend , our guests watched the pride attempt to hunt Puku on three separate occasions but they were unsuccessful every time

Further away closer to Kaingo camp the Kaingo-Mwamba pride was found in the Ebony Grove. They were also hunting Puku, however they were successful and managed to catch a female Puku and finished the carcass in minutes

21 October – Friday

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were found this morning close to Hippo Hide just relaxing after finishing off their Puku from the night before. Later that night the Pride began to move again moving into the area around Acacia Loop looking to start hunting again.

In other news a young male Lion carcass was found being fed on by vultures, we fear this could be one of the young males from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride. possibly he ran into one of the Numbu Boys and was taken out as a way to assert dominance over the females in the area

22 October – Saturday

Again the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were found around Hippo Hide, they went down for a drink of water and there after proceeded to hunt some nearby Puku , but without the cover of darkness they were unsuccessful.

Sandy and his guests managed to found the leopardess Chiphadzua sleeping in a hippo gully inside Fish Eagle Lagoon. She then tried her new hunting style of going up a tree waiting for some Guinea fowl to come and roost. Unfortunately luck was not on her side this night.

23 October – Sunday

The Mwamba-Kaingo were seen early this morning sleeping in the sand of the drying Luangwa river. Later one by one they got up and headed to Acacia drive area.

On the afternoon drive two of the Numbu Boys were found by Waterbuck Dam vocalising. There was also an unknown male Leopard at the same sighting, hiding in the bushed.

24 October – Monday

Two Leopards were seen this afternoon , one unknown male and one unknown female. There was plenty of action as the Leopardess managed to kill a Puku and began feeding, shortly after she was interrupted by a small clan of Hyaenas who proceeded to steal her kill. A male Leopard nearby decided to investigate the noise and managed to steal a leg of the Puku back and quickly climbed a tree to get out of reach. The Leopardess followed him up the tree and watched closely as he enjoyed what was left of her kill.

25 October – Tuesday

This morning Malaika was seen moving through Fish Eagle Lagoon making use of some old un-used Hippo gully and later she moved into the shade of a thicket to take a nap

Chiphadzua was found sleeping atop a tree this afternoon. We waited patiently for her to descend but she preferred to relax into the night

26 October – Wednesday

Sandy and his guest came across the mother daughter leopard duo of Malaika and Chiphadzua drinking on opposite ends of the same body of water close to Acacia Loop. Both Leopardesses were drinking and trying to snarl at each other and then proceeded to go their separate ways.

Tonight a lone Lioness from the Hollywood pride was found wondering through Fish Eagle Lagoon when she happened across a Leopardess. We assume the Leopardess was Chiphudzua based on the size but was hard to ID as she immediately took off running to escape the Lioness.




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