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Shenton Safaris Big Cat Roundup

22 September – Thursday

This weeks Big Cat Round Up starts with Patrick and his guests finding the Kaingo-Mwamba Pride , 5 adult females and 7 cubs. They were sleeping by Long Cut Crossing next to an old, dirty Hippo wallow. Sylvester and his guests noticed one of the Lionesses was busy nursing. Chiphadzuwa was also seen this morning, sitting in a Sausage Tree (Kigelia africana) just off Acacia Loop with a Hyaena lounging below her. A fresh drag mark indicated that she had made a kill, but they could see no sign of it.

Later that night the dominant large male Leopard, Luambe, was seen by the Hippo Hospital having a drink from the main river. He had a very full belly and had most probably came off a recent kill. And an unknown Leopardess was spotted (ha, ha) just before dark walking along the road south of Kaingo Camp. And the Mwamba Kaingos were still in the same place as this morning.

23 September – Friday

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were still at Long Cut Crossing this morning and had not moved at all since the previous day. Later on Innocent and his guests found only the 7 cubs were beneath the Sausage Tree as the adults had gone off to hunt, unsuccessfully we might add.

A single Lioness was found from the Hollywood Pride. She had successfully killed a Zebra close to Debs Tree by herself and after watching her feed for a while, she left the kill and went to some nearby bushes where she called out 3 brand new cubs we estimate to be about 6 weeks old. That same afternoon she was still by the kill with her cubs and the collared female from the Hollywood pride was found not too far away.  Read more about the pride dynamics with our blog “Future of the Hollywoods”

The Numbu Boys (2 members) were also seen about a kilometre from where the female with cubs was seen. They were sleeping soundly

24 September – Saturday

Our guides and guests returned to the Zebra carcass from the day before. The 2 Numbu boys were found feeding on the kill, while the Hollywood female with the cubs was found 400m away watching intently . We hope she was able to stash the cubs before the males stole her kill. Only time will tell . . ..

By Pelican Lagoon a weak Buffalo got stuck in the mud where the Collared Hollywood Pride female as well as 4 sub-adult pride members were taking full advantage feeding on the carcass while being completely covered in mud.

That night Malaika the Leopardess was seen strolling through Fish Eagle Lagoon on the prowl looking for some prey. Yoram and his guests noted that she had open wounds on both hind legs. She was later seen by Sylvester and his guests on Acacia Loop, sitting watching a passing herd of Elephant.

25 September – Sunday

Sylvester and his guests visited our Carmine Bee-eater hide and discovered 3 members of the Nsefu pride watching 3 large Crocodiles finishing off the remains of a Puku. It appeared from the sign that they had killed the Puku and then lost it to these large reptiles.

Later on that morning they discovered poor Chiphadzuwa treed by 3 Lions from the Hollywood pride. They looked set to wait . . .. At Kaingo camp junction Sylvester and his guests discovered 5 of the Mwamba Kaingos and 1 Numbu Boy following a large herd of Buffalo.

26 September – Monday

It was an interesting morning as the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride were found with the 3 Numbu Males near Chamboa Stream. The one collared Female was mating with one of the Numbu Males. The 2 one year old cubs were being chased out of the pride by the dominant Numbu Male as they were not his blood line. The cubs moved out of the area by themselves to remain safe.

The Female Leopard, Chiphadzuwa, was found resting up a tree at Hippo Hospital.

On the night drive the Male Leopard, Luambe, was found at Fish Eagle Lagoon. He was found with an Impala carcass and was eating it under a bush.

27 September – Tuesday

The guests returned to Fish Eagle Lagoon to find Luambe still feeding on his Impala Carcass.
An unknown Male Leopard was also spotted near Ellie Bend, in a Natal Mahogany.
Sylvester and his guests found 1 Numbu Boy and the collared Lioness from the Mwamba Kaingos mating close to the Kaingo Junction, closely watched by 2 sub-adults. And later on Andrew and his guests found 14 Lions close to our Mobile Hide on the banks of the Luangwa River. The 6 adult females and 7 cubs of the Mwamba Kaingos were in the company of the golden-maned Numbu Boys, who still had the eye of the collared Lioness.

For the evening drive the vehicles returned to the area of Fish Eagle Lagoon to find Luambe still in the area. He was sitting next to his Impala carcass and the female Leopard Malaika, was seen very close by. Both were very relaxed with each other. On Andy Loop Chiphadzuwa was trying to stalk Impala in the open, but she soon gave up when spotted.

28 September – Wednesday

It was a great morning as the guests got to view mating Leopard. Luambe and Malaika were found mating in the vicinity of Acacia Ebony Grove.

The guests returned to the Leopard sighting from that morning and were lucky to find Luambe and Malaika still together. It was a wonderful sighting as both Leopards went to drink side by side at the small Lagoon that is still has some water in the Acacia Ebony Grove.

Pretty soon Chiphadzuwa is going to have to move – she was seen resting up a tree in the vicinity of Fish Eagle Lagoon. Later on she was seen by Innocent and his guests attempting to ambush Impala.

Well that’s all that we have for this action-filled week. We can expect new cubs at the end of December.



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