This last week has produced some incredible sightings. Join us weekly as we look back on all the big cat sightings our guests got to enjoy at Shenton Safaris. We will also include any sightings of the African wild dogs from the area.

2 August – Thursday

Chiphadzuwa, the leopardess, was found this morning sleeping in some grass along Acacia Loop. By the time we went out on the afternoon safari and looked for her, she had moved. Through some tracking, we found her in the gully by Hippo Hide feeding on a puku.

3 August – Friday

We headed out on morning safari to find Mayi, the leopardess, at Shortcut Crossing. She had recently killed a baboon and had just started feeding when some hyena arrived and stole her kill away. In all the commotion we lost sight of her.

A new unknown female leopard was found this morning, in the Kaingo Ebony Grove. She was also feeding on a baboon, atop a sausage tree. We watched her most of the morning and she was relaxed. Once we returned in the afternoon she was still feeding on the last remains of her kill.

The young unnamed male leopard around Hippo Hide was seen this morning. He was sleeping in the shade of an Ebony tree close to the hides entrance.

2 adolescent males from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were seen this afternoon. They made their way through Kaingo Ebony Grove, scent marking as they went along. One of the lions seemed to have an open wound on his back left leg.

9 wild dogs of the Kaingo-Nsolo Pack were seen resting by Mwamba Extension. By the afternoon they got up and began hunting and managed to catch an impala close to Debs Tree, finishing the carcass in less than 3 minutes, before a hyena came by to steal the scraps.

4 August – Saturday

The original Kaingo Pack of 8 wild dogs was seen this morning sleeping in the area of Mwamba Extension southern end. They also began hunting later on in the day and managed to catch a male impala in Longcut Crossing but didn’t have any time to enjoy it as a large group of hyenas nearby managed to steal the kill away.

5 August – Sunday

Again this morning we found the Kaingo-Nsolo Pack of wild dogs. All 9 members were present, they slept most of the day away but just before sunset got up and began hunting. We battled to keep up but later managed to relocate them, only to see they all had very full bellies. No doubt they had managed to kill something.

6 August – Monday

8 wild dogs from the Kaingo Pack were seen this morning playing around on Lion Plains. When the sun got too hot they went to go sleep in the shade of a tree.

We had an unreal lion sighting that started this morning and finished late at night. The 4 new Luwi Males were found resting less than a kilometre away from Mwamba. Not too far from them, 5 lionesses from the Kapanda Pride were also seen. Later that night the Luwi Males had made their way to Mwamba Crossing. Suddenly an unknown male lion, we presume a nomadic male, bumped into the 4 males. Their was some hostility, to begin with as the 4 Luwi males began to investigate this intruder, when without warning the 4 young Mwamba-Kaingo males also appeared through the bushes. The 4 Luwi Males along with the 1 Nomadic male chased away the Mwamba-Kaingo males before a fight could break out. Then the 5 males returned to the crossing and began roaring to advertise their dominance which lasted the whole night.

What a truly amazing sighting with 9 young males lions altogether at the same time!

7 August – Tuesday

Chiphadzuwa was found in a tree this morning next to Hippo Hide. She spotted some impala and came down to begin hunting but was unsuccessful.

The 4 Luwi Males were found sleeping close to the Last Waterhole hide at Mwamba. They slept the entire day and later moved off that night. There was no sign of the 5th nomadic male from the night before but lets see if we see him again in the future.

8 August – Wednesday

The handsome male leopard Tyson was spotted this morning. He was feeding on a bushbuck atop an Ebony Tree by Longcut Crossing. Later some hyena surrounded the tree but the leopard knew he was safe in the branches above.

The leopardess, Mayi, was seen by the Hippo Hide this morning. She seemed rather restless and went from sleeping in a gully to climbing a tree, to descending and crawling into some thick bushes. Let’s see if she is a bit more relaxed next week.

We have noticed Chiphadzuwa has been calling for a mate over the last few weeks and this morning she got her wish. We found her on Acacia Loop with an unknown male leopard. Shortly after finding the pair they made their way into the bushes where we could hear them mating.

The 4 Luwi Male lions were seen this morning close to Fish Eagle Lagoon. They slept most of the day but that afternoon a passing herd of buffalo got their attention. The lions worked together to bring down a male buffalo and killed in him in just a few minutes. This was unreal to see as usually bringing down a buffalo is a long drawn out affair. These 4 males really know what they are doing!



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