Join us for our weekly Big Cat Round-Up as we reflect on some of the captivating big cat sightings, including a recent encounter with a new leopard in the area, adorable lion cubs, and numerous other remarkable sightings reported by our guests and guides at Shenton Safaris.

Thursday 10th August

In the morning, near Elephant Bend, Yoram and his guests spotted the Hollywood pride, consisting of three males and three females, attempting to cross the river. However, they couldn’t manage due to the danger of crocodiles in the water and other lions on the opposite side of the river. These lions were seen feeding on a puku.

In the afternoon, Yoram and his guests observed Chipadzua near Acacia Loop, attempting to hunt impala and baboons. However, these attempts were unsuccessful.

Later that same afternoon, Patrick and his guests came across the Mwamba-Kaingo pride at Mumbulu Lagoon. The pride comprised 2 males, four females, and six cubs, feasting on the remnants of an elephant.

Friday 11th August

In the morning, Yoram and his guests witnessed one of the Mwamba-Kaingo male lions near Ebony Grove, feeding on a puku carcass. The lion was surrounded by hyenas attempting to steal the kill. Eventually, three other male lions from the same pride arrived and scared the hyenas away. They also chased the male lion feasting on the puku to claim the meal.

One of the four male lions was exceptionally vocal. It sat and let out a resounding roar that traveled down the three-kilometer expanse of the Ebony Grove. The sound reverberated through the heart of the grove, echoing and enveloping everyone from behind.

Immediately after that sighting, Sly and his guests caught the sound of baboon alarm calls. They discovered Mwezi near Ebony Grove, resting under a tree. Additionally, they noticed Mwezi’s sister, Nthanda, crossing the road towards Kaingo Camp with a slight limp.



In the late evening, Patrick and his guests spotted Chipadzua near Acacia Loop trying to hunt baboons, but these attempts were unsuccessful.

Saturday 12th August

In the afternoon, near Debb’s Tree, Sly and his guests encountered the Hollywood pride. They observed Tipless, the female lioness also known as the grandmother, along with the collared female and her cubs playing. The two females had killed a waterbuck and hidden it in the bush.

Sunday 13th August

In the afternoon, near Hippo Lagoon area, Yoram and his guests came across the Mwamba-Kaingo pride, including two males, four females, and unfortunately only five cubs. One out of the six cubs were missing. They were all resting with full bellies.

Monday 14th August

In the morning, Yoram and his guests found the Mwamba-Kaingo pride near Ebony Grove, relaxing. The cubs were seen playing with each other. The pride comprised five cubs, two males, and four females.

Tuesday, August 15th:

In the afternoon, Philemon and his guests spotted a new female leopard near Ebony Grove, strolling close to a dried pond. Philemon suspects she might be the one who ousted Kuwita from this area.

Wednesday 16th August

In the morning, near Chamboa Crossing, Philemon and his guests came across two new male lions in the area sleeping. These males often cross the Luangwa River from the Nsefu sector.

We hope you enjoyed this captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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