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What an amazing week of sightings we have had out here. We are including alternative names in brackets for our Lions, the alternative names come from the newly aired Documentary-Drama on ITV “Lion Country – Night and Day” which was filmed here at Shenton Safaris during the 2016 season.  Numbu Boys (The Punks),  Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) and Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride)

Thursday – 10 August

This morning Sandy and his guests saw the unnamed leopardess in the Ebony Grove close to Kaingo. She had killed a bush buck which was atop an ebony tree. However this morning she was not in the mood for visitors and upon seeing the vehicle she descended the tree and made her way into the bush.  

Friday – 11 August

This morning the young leopardess Chiphadzuwa was seen hunting some puku at the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. she was using a dried out hippo gully. However she lost the element of surprise when she poked her head up to check on the puku and was spotted.

Malaika the mature leopardess was seen in a sausage tree with a puku carcass close to Fish Eagle Lagoon. Luambe the dominant male leopard was not to far away watching on from the cover of a bush. 

Saturday – 12 August

This afternoon was reserved for leopards. First Luambe was found close to Hippo Hospital sleeping in the top of a sausage tree. The leopardess Malaika was found with a recent kill of a bush buck , this was in the area of Acacia Loop. Lastly Chiphadzuwa the young leopardess was seen on Guineafowl Plains. She was trying her luck at hunting some helmeted guineafowl but unfortunately she was unsuccessful. 

Sunday – 13 August

This morning Sandy and his guests enjoyed watching the Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) close to our mobile hide in the area of Leopard Loop.  3 males – Numbu Boys (The Punks), 9 adult Lionesses and 6 sub adults. That is 18 lions altogether feeding on a buffalo that they seemed to have killed that morning.

That afternoon the Pride had moved on after finishing off their buffalo. They were now resting in the open area right in front of the mobile hide. 

The mature leopardess Malaika was also found resting under a bush on Acacia Loop. 

Monday – 14 August

The Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride) was seen this morning. Four adult lionesses and the new male Golum(Ringos brother). They were relaxing on Lion Shelf after just finishing off a small buffalo they killed the day before. They stayed there until afternoon and after sunset with the cover of darkness they went to have a drink of water at the river and then began hunting. 

An unknown male leopard was seen in the area of Elephant Bend. He was stalking some impala using tall grass as a good cover, unfortunately the wind gave away his position and the impala ran away.

Tuesday – 15 August

An unidentified leopardess was found this morning by Numbu Lagoon. She was accompanied by 3 very fat hyena and we can only surmise that they stole away her kill and ate it in front of her.

Right by the entrance of Mwamba, 9 lionesses from the Kapanda Pride were found. They are usually found further inland so it was great to see them this side of the world. That night the Lionesses managed to kill a buffalo very close to Mwamba. Once they began feeding the Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) arrived and joined them on the kill. There were close to 30 Lions altogether. All was well until the 3 Numbu Boys (The Punks) arrived , the Kapandas ran for their lives. It was a once in a lifetime sighting, you can read all about it and see the photos here.

Wednesday – 16 August

Malaika the leopardess was found this morning with a bush back carcass in an ebony tree. She was close to Acacia Loop and enjoying some alone time away from her daughter. However, when we returned in the afternoon we found that her kill had been stolen by the large male leopard Luambe. He had eaten majority of the carcass and Malaika watched on from a safe vantage point. The young leopardess Chiphadzuwa also found near the kill site, but upon her mother and Luambe already trying to share the kill she decided it was not worth the effort and left the area.

The Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were still feeding on their buffalo this morning along with the 3 Numbu Boys (The Punks). They were about halfway through the carcass by the afternoon. The Numbu Boys made their way through Mwamba Camp to the Last Watering Hole for a drink of water late that night. Roaring as they went along and the whole camp listened on from the comfort of their beds.





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