Showcasing some of the remarkable sightings each week, we hope you’ll enjoy being kept informed about the resident leopards and the lion prides that call the area around our camp’s home. Join us as we delve into the thrilling world of these top predators!

Saturday 28th October

On their afternoon game drive, Patrick and his guests spotted Chisomo near Guinea Fowl Plain, laying down under a shady tree.

He was lazily watching a group of impala but was showing no intentions to hunt so they left him to it.

Sunday 29th October

On a morning game drive, Patrick and his guests decided to return to the spot where they had found Chisomo. This time, he was spotted in a gully, sleeping side by side with a hyena about a meter apart from each other!! Very unusual behavious indeed, as leopards usually avoid hyenas for obvious reasons!

Monday 30th October 

On an afternoon game drive, Yoram and his guests spotted eight members of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride all together resting near Mwamba extension.

That same afternoon, Yoram and his guests encountered Chipadzua up in a tree, attempting to hunt baboons but she was unsuccessful.

She then walked away into a thicket to hunt elsewhere.

Tuesday 31st October

On a morning game drive, Philemon and his guests spotted Chisomo close to Guinea Fowl Plain, laying down and walking on the road while observing his surroundings.

This guest was lucky to get some rather close-up shots!


On an evening game drive, Patrick and his guests spotted one female member of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride close to the Ebony grove, laying down and roaring to other members of the pride.

Wednesday 1st November

On an evening game drive, Patrick and his guests spotted two new males in the area close to Kaingo camp, along with three Mwamba-Kaingo females.

One of the dominant males had a scar on his mouth where he had previously been snared but had the snare removed, so he’s easily identifieable.

We’re not yet certain whether these males are mating with the Mwamba-Kaingo females, but they were calling, which is a strong sign that these males aren’t so nervous about the Mwamba-Kaingo pride.

The Mwamba-Kaingo pride might have also been calling back to them, but we will eventually find out more in the upcoming 2024 season…!

We hope you enjoyed the captivating glimpse into the world of big cats at Shenton Safaris this season. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next year!

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