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What an amazing week of sightings we have had out here. We are including alternative names in brackets for our Lions, the alternative names come from the newly aired Documentary-Drama on ITV “Lion Country – Night and Day” which was filmed here at Shenton Safaris during the 2016 season.

Thursday –  6 July

Chiphadzuwa the Leopardess was seen this morning around Hippo Hospital moving along the rivers edge towards Fish Eagle Lagoon. 

Patrick and his guests came across 6 adult Lionesses from the Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride) around Long Cut Crossing moving towards Mwamba Extension, they had their eyes on a herd of Wildebeest heading in the same direction.

Friday – 7 July

This morning Chiphadzuwa was seen hunting Impala along the Mwamba Extension , unfortunately she was unsuccessful and took a nap under a Sausage Tree. Later on in the afternoon Chiphadzuwa was found hunting Baboons around Hippo Hide area. 

The Hollywood pride (Rosa’s pride),6 adult Lionesses, were found close to Two Tree Crossing just relaxing watching a passing herd of Impala. Also the Mwamba-Kaingo (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride),16 members, were found by close to Fish Eagle Lagoon hiding in some thick bush keeping their eyes on a large herd of buffalo in the distance. 

This evening our guests were treated to an incredible sighting. The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride),16 members, were found close to Fish Eagle Lagoon stalking 4 old male Buffalos. Unbeknown to everyone, the Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride),6 adult Lionesses, were moving in and stalking the same Buffalo. Almost simultaneously both Lion prides made a run for the same old Buff who was lagging behind. Both prides practically ran into each other and a huge fight broke out giving the old Buffalo a chance to run for his life. The smaller Hollywood pride (Rosa’s Pride) was no match for the larger stronger Mwamba-Kaingo Pride  (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride). The Hollywoods decide to tuck tail and run, but not before the Mwamba-Kaingos took out there vengeance on one of the older Hollywood females who was lucky to escape with her life. This was a once in a lifetime sighting that we are sure nobody will every forget, 22 Lions in a fight. 

Saturday – 8 July

6 Members of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride)  were found on Chimbwi Loop having just finished off a Wildebeest during the Night. They were all now relaxing on full bellies.  

In the afternoon an extremely relaxed female Leopard was found just outside Mwamba. She was relaxing in the shade under some dense bush. An ID was not possible unfortunately but we hope that she is a common resident in the area, could be the female often seen around Mwamba Hide during the night drives in the area.

This evening the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were still found resting on Chimbwi Loop however now there were 10 Lions altogether.  

Sunday – 9 July

This morning the Kaingo Pack of 8 Wild Dogs were found in the area of Long Cut Crossing relaxing with full bellies no doubt they had a successful hunt hours before. While Andrew was with the Wild Dogs he could hear the bellowing of a Buffalo in distress.

That afternoon Andrew located the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride),16 members, close by to Hippo Lagoon. They all all drank some water before lying down for a rest. The pride had killed a Buffalo close to the where the Wild Dogs are suspected to be denning, we hope the Alpha Female and the Pups are okay . The pride finished the entire Buffalo in the course of the day, leaving only bones behind.

During the night drive the Leopardess Chiphadzuwa was found walking along Acacia Loop. She graced us with her presence for a few moments before disappearing into the thick bush to continue hunting. 

Monday – 10 July

We have some amazing news! This morning at the Hippo Lagoon 13 members of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride were found relaxing in some shade. Then another lioness from the pride arrived and behind her were 4 tiny new Cubs which we estimate to be somewhere around 2-3 months of age. This was such a special moment and we are so glad our guest got to enjoy it. 

Sylvester found the dogs , 8 members, just for a moment in the area of Puku Plains. They were walking down the road when all of a sudden something caught their attention and they took off running into the bushes.

Some Surprise news tonight. We found Malaika and Chiphadzuwa together hunting Guineafowl at Fish Eagle Lagoon. Malaika has been absent as of late, so glad to see she is still around and doing well. Both Leopardesses were unsuccessful with hunting and then went their separate ways.   

Tuesday – 11 July

Andrew came across and extremely shy Leopardess this morning resting in a gully close to Short Cut Crossing . Lets hope she sticks around and can relax a little.

This afternoon 6 adult Lionesses from the Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride) were found resting by Fish Eagle Lagoon looking as if they had recently finished off a meal. 

Sylvester also came across 2 unknown leopards, 1 male and 1 female close to our elephant hide sleeping atop a Sausage tree. could possibly be a mating pair. Afterwards Sly also managed to locate 8 Wild Dogs from the Kaingo Pack resting on Gideon Loop.

Wednesday – 12 July

We started this morning by coming across Chiphadzuwa by Fish Eagle Lagoon. She was using an old hippo gully to hunt some unsuspecting Puku but unfortunately a change in the wind gave away her hiding place. Not to far away by Fish Eagle Lagoon Top End 3 Lionesses from the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were found in the company of one of the Numbu Boys (The Punks), they just seemed to be enjoying the view waiting to see who would come down for a drink of water.

In the afternoon the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) and the 1 Numbu Boy (The Punks) were found in the same place not having moved at all. The Leopardess Chiphadzuwa was also relocated and was seen killing a Banded Mongoose before moving into the bush to enjoy her meal.

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