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What an amazing week of sightings we have had out here. We are including alternative names in brackets for our Lions, the alternative names come from the newly aired Documentary-Drama on ITV “Lion Country – Night and Day” which was filmed here at Shenton Safaris during the 2016 season.

Thursday –  29 June

Chiphadzuwa was found by Patrick and his guests around Acacia Loop area. After resting for a bit she got up and began to move with purpose. she had clearly heard or smelt something we were unaware of, we lost sight of here shortly after she disappeared into some thick bush.

5 adult females from the Hollywood pride(Rosa’s Pride) were seen close to Debs Tree.  After sunset they had not moved and were still resting. 

Friday – 30 June

This afternoon Patrick came across the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride(Prince and Ziggys Pride) hunting a heard of Buffalo on Lion Plains. 8 adult females with 5 yearling cubs, they were also joined by 2 of the Numbu Boys(The Punks). They were unsuccessful but still well fed after just finishing a Hippo from a few days prior.

Two of Mwambas guests headed out to the Numbu Starbed for a sleepout. On the way the found a beautiful young Leopardess not too far away from camp. She has been seen a few times and if she continues to be seen we will give her a fitting name. 

Sandy also managed to find the 3rd Numbu Boy(The Punks) with a female from the Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride) in the area of Debs Tree. the pair were mating which is the final sign to show the Hollywood Pride have accepted the Numbu Boys as the new dominant males of the pride. Surprisingly not to far away another male Lion was hiding in some bushes watching on. He was later identified as the late Ringos brother but this time without his younger male counterpart.  

Saturday – 1 July 

During a morning walk Patrick and his guests tracked down the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride(Prince and Ziggys Pride). The full pride of 17 members were sleeping in the some thick bush around Charles Lagoon. There was also one female who appears to have recently giving birth as she is lactating heavily. this also explains why she is not always with the pride, we will keep you posted.

Sunday – 2 July

Sylvester had an amazing sighting this morning. He came across a single Lioness from the Luwi Pride feeding on a male Puku, close to Aardvark Loop. After a few minutes a large  male Leopard fell out of the tree above while almost landing directly on top of the lioness. A fight broke out lasting only a few seconds and caused the Leopard to climb up the tree again with amazing speed. He was left with a nasty cut on the face and the lioness just lay back down to finish her meal.   

A female Leopardess who we think could be Malaika was seen around Elephant Bend hunting some Guineafowls in the gully. She was seen by Sylvester who was having sundowners about 100m away.

Later that night the same mating pair of Lions was seen again, 1 Numbu Boy(The Punks) and 1 Hollywood female(Rosa’s Pride), by the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. 

Monday – 3 July

Chiphadzuwa our lovely leopardess was found this morning sleeping in a gully around Fish Eagle Lagoon. While she was having a cat nap a young unknown male Leopard came running out into the open from the other side of the Lagoon. He was bleeding from his face and was looking very nervous, about 40m behind him was a troop of around 30 Baboons that seemed to be chasing him down, clearly he had just been attacked by them. Chiphadzuwa awoke to to this commotion and upon seeing what was approaching both she and the other young unknown male Leopard quickly disappeared into some thick bush . 

That night the same unknown male Leopard was seen again lurking around Fish Eagle Lagoon looking for his next potential Meal.

Tuesday – 4 July

The Leopardess Chiphadzuwa was seen this morning close to the Hippo Hide. She was atop a Ebony tree with a Puku which she had killed the night before. Although lately she has had a week old injury on her back leg she seems to be coping just fine with her hunting skills. Another Leopardess Shy Girl was seen not too far away watching Chiphadzuwa for a while before moving off.

Again this evening Chiphadzuwa was in her same tree enjoying her kill close to the Hippo Hide. Directly across the Luangwa river to Female Lionesses were seen on the beach watching the Leopard in the tree probably wishing they could cross over however with the river being deep in parts and the threat of Crocodiles this was not an option. We suspect the two Lionesses are from the Nsefu Pride. will be extremely interesting once the water levels drop a bit more and they do decide to come over.   

6 Adult Lionesses from the Hollywood Pride(Rosa’s Pride) were also found just relaxing by Guineafowl Plains. No Doubt they were also aware of the two Nsefu Pride Lionesses on the other side. Later they were all roaring to mark their territory sending a clear message to any would be intruders.

Wednesday – 5 July

The Kaingo pack of Wild Dogs were seen this morning, 8 members altogether hunting Puku and Impala around Fish Eagle Lagoon. They were unsuccessful, just as they were beginning to lie down Chiphadzuwa the Leopardess was spotted by the dogs. She took off running and managed to just escape in time before the dogs caught up with her, that should be one of her nine lives used up. The Alpha Female was absent and has been confirmed by our guides that she is indeed denning in our area close to the Hippo Hide, we will keep you posted as we learn more.

A lioness was found by on Crocodile loop by Sandy and his guests this evening. She seemed to be a member of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride(Prince and Ziggys Pride) and was contact calling to the rest of the pride. she eventually located some of the other Pride members close to the Numbu Platform. 14 Lions all together. 

Patrick came across a unknown male Leopard in the area of Fish Eagle Lagoon. This is the second sighting of him this week and if he keeps making a usual appearance we will ID him correctly. 

After the sun had set 6 adult Lionesses from the Hollywood(Rosa’s Pride) were seen hunting Buffalo close to the top end of Fish Eagle Lagoon. After failing they moved onto Lion Plains to scout for their next potential meal

Andrew found the large male Leopard Luambe in the Ebony Grove close to Kaingo. He seemed very well fed with a full belly and was now on the move down towards the river, probably for a drink after finishing his meal.



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