Big Cat Round Up

Shenton Safaris Big Cat Round Up

What an amazing week of sightings we have had out here. We are including alternative names in brackets for our Lions, the alternative names come from the newly aired Documentary-Drama on ITV “Lion Country – Night and Day” which was filmed here at Shenton Safaris during the 2016 season.  Numbu Boys (The Punks),  Mwamba-Kaingo Pride (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) and Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride)

Thursday – 28 September

Some real interesting news this morning. One of the Numbu Boys (The Punks) was found mating with one of the Kapanda Females. As far as we know the Kapanda Pride already has a set of dominant males, so this could just be a distraction to keep the Numbu Boy happy as the Kapanda female is so far out of her usual territory. They were in the area of debs tree. Lets wait and see what happens 

Friday – 29 September

The Kaingo pack of wild dogs were seen early this morning close to the Big Baobab. 5 adults were out the den hunting leaving one adult behind to look after the 5 pups. Later the hunting party returned and brought back food for the rest of the pack to enjoy.

In the afternoon the ex-Hollywood male was found with his new pride of 3 females and 4 sub adult males. They were in the area of Boston Loop feeding on a buffalo carcass they had killed the night before. The Hollywood Male was not too impressed with his sons and was chasing them around rather aggressively. It wont be long now until they are kicked out of the pride and left to fend for themselves unless they decide to challenge their father together.  

Saturday – 30 September

This morning the Hollywood Males pride was still feeding on their buffalo carcass. The large Hollywood Male was no where to be seen as he was most probably off patrolling his territory leaving the females and his sons to feed in peace. 

The young leopardess Chiphadzuwa was also around this morning close to Hippo Hospital. She was resting atop a sausage tree enjoying her view of the river. Later that afternoon she was still in the same tree and had not moved from her resting place the entire day.

Sunday – 1 October

The 6 adults and 5 pups from the Kaingo pack were seen again this morning close to the Big Baobab. The began moving and within 2 minutes successfully brought down an impala. After feeding for a short while a small clan of hyenas arrived and a fight broke out. The hyenas successfully stole the kill but it was incredible to see how 5 dogs distracted the clan of hyenas giving the alpha female time to get the pups to safety.

An unknown male and female leopard were found mating this afternoon. They were close to Kaingo camp and will be interesting to see if they stick around and if she mothers some cubs. I guess we will only find out next season.

Monday – 2 October

This morning the Numbu Boy(The Punk) and the Kapanda Female were found close to Hippo Hospital. They were still mating and have travelled a far distance from when we first found them. Its amazing that she has not been found by the other lionesses in the area as they would surely try to kill her if they do.

The Mwamba/Kaingo Pride (consisting of 15  – 9 females and 6 sub adults) were found in the Acacia Ebony Grove resting on the bank looking very well fed. In the evening they had moved a bit to Acacia Loop.

That evening a young unknown male leopard was found drinking at Fish Eagle Lagoon then headed in the direction of Hippo Hospital. He was quite shy so we left him to carry on about his business. 

At sunset we came across the Numbu Boy (the Punk) and the Kapanda female at Fish Eagle Lagoon, they were still mating. The unknown male leopard walked right towards them but they were unperturbed by his presence.  

Tuesday – 3 October

This morning we managed to locate the Kaingo pack of wild dogs near big baobab. There were 6 adults resting and the  5 pups playing around.

We came across Luambe, the male leopard, up top a rain tree with an impala carcass. He was grumpy as usual! The kill was very high up in the tree and we presume it had belonged to another leopard who was trying to get it as far away as possible from scavengers.

At Acacia Loop we came across the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride with 2 Numbu Boys (the Punks). They were all resting while showing interest in some wildebeest but sadly nothing materialised.

This afternoon we found the Kapanda Pride still on the buffalo kill near Big Baobab. Interesting to know that the pack of wild dogs are so close by.

The Mwamba/Kaingo Pride, now with all 3 Numbu Boys, were resting on the beach at Acacia Loop.

Wednesday – 4 October

This morning at Guinea Fowl Plains we found half the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride resting near the bank enjoying the coolness of the morning.

We located the young female leopardess, Chiphadzuwa, at Fish Eagle Lagoon resting up top a sausage tree.

Later this afternoon the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride were still fond resting t Guinea Fowl Plains. We also found an unknown male leopard near the Hippo Hide. He was quite relaxed and was heading in the direction of Kaingo Camp.


Big Cat Round Up Map 



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