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The start of the 2017 season has been a great one so far. With sightings really starting to heat up we will be getting our weekly Big Cat Round Up report underway, so you can see what your favourite big cats have been up to. We will also include a few of the special Wild dog sightings we have enjoyed just to see how it will influence the big cat dynamics in our area

Thursday –  15 June

Early on the morning drive Sylvester and his guests found the young Leopardess Chiphazuwa, after just making a fresh kill of a Male Puku. She sustained a small injury on her head where the Puku`s horn had cut her open.

Later that evening she was seen by Patrick and his guests in the same location of Fish Eagle Lagoon still sleeping in a tree beside her kill. She had barely touched it and was trying to regain some of her energy from the hunt that morning.

Friday – 16 June

This morning Patrick found Chiphazuwa by Fish Eagle Lagoon again, however there were two very fat Hyenas close by and we can surmise that they had stolen Chiphazuwa`s kill and finished it off. Two nomadic Males Lions were found in the area of Debs Tree. The older of the two was identified as the brother of the late Ringo who used to be dominant in the area. It seems that after the loss of his brother two years ago he has now joined forces with a younger male to form a new coalition, it should be very interesting to see how this plays out with the dominant Numbu Boys in the Area.

In the afternoon a pack of 9 Wild Dogs were close to the fitting Wild Dog Lagoon area, they were relaxing and sleeping right next to the road. After sunset the Male Leopard Luambe was found close to Acacia Loop hunting some Impala but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Saturday – 17 June

This morning a pack of 9 Wild Dogs were found on the 040 track , we have been seeing the dogs frequently and with the Alpha Female being pregnant looking to give birth any day now, we are hoping they will den in the area.

This afternoon Sandy and his guests found the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride of Lions. 15 members altogether consisting of 8 females and their 7 yearling cubs. They were being lazy and resting around Saddlebill Stork Lagoon. Just before sunset the Wild Dogs were found again running straight towards the Lions oblivious to the danger ahead. One dog got a bit too close and the Lions gave chase but luckily he managed to escape unscathed.

On his way to Mwamba Bush Camp , Patrick and his guests came across the large male Leopard Luambe walking across Lion Plains towards Fish Eagle Lagoon.

Sunday – 18 June

This morning Yorum and his guest managed to see a young unknown male Leopard hunting in the Ebony Grove close to Kaingo Camp. Later the pack of 9 Wild Dogs were found resting by the bottom end of fish eagle lagoon, so nice to see they are still in the area even after their close encounter with the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride from the night before.

On the night drive the large male Leopard Luambe was seen sleeping in a Sausage Tree on Guinefowl Plains. Also 6 females from the Hollywood Pride were seen resting at Pelican Lagoon

Monday – 19 June

This afternoon the Wild Dogs were found on Guineafowl Plains trying their best to catch some Impala, but to no avail. There were only 8 dogs , the pregnant Alpha Female was not present which could suggest she is close to giving birth and cant keep up with the hunting party anymore. Lets hope the dogs start denning soon. We will keep you all posted.

Tuesday – 20 June

Yorum and his guest found the Leopardess Chiphazuwa this morning on the prowl around Hippo Hospital. She later disappeared into some thick bush. Patrick also managed to have a glimpse of the Wild dogs this morning in the area of Chimbwe Loop, it is unconfirmed how many there were. Andrew and his guests found a unknown male Leopard hunting some Puku around Acacia Loop but unfortunately he was unsuccessful.

While some of our guests were enjoying their sun downers on the river side by Acacia Loop they were pleasantly surprised by 6 members of the Hollywood Pride moving along the beach area trying to hunt some Puku. They were unsuccessful and moved down the river towards Hippo Hide where they decided to rest a bit. Andrew also managed to locate 2 of the Numbu Boys heading straight towards Mwamba Bush Camp , roaring and territorial marking as they went along.

Wednesday – 21 June

This morning Sandy and his guests saw an unknown female Leopardess lying in the early sun around Hippo Hospital.

Andrew was on a winning streak this evening finding 4 different Leopards! First off was a shy unknown female in the area of Short Cut Crossing, after hanging around for a few minutes she disappeared into some thick bushes. Shortly after another larger older unknown female was also spotted walking down the dried-out Mwamba River towards Short Cut Crossing. 10 minutes later some Puku alarm calls revealed the new Leopardess in our area who has a litter of two new cubs , we have decided to call her “Mayi” , the local name for mother. Mayi was seen around Two Tree Crossing and got chased away by a herd of passing elephant. Between Fish Eagle Lagoon and Hippo Hospital a young relaxed unknown male Leopard was seen.


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  1. Kit Boey June 23, 2017 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    So happy to hear Ringo’s brother is still alive! and very strategic in finding a coalition partner. The lion dynamics are so interesting right now.

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