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What an amazing week of sightings we have had out here. We are including alternative names in brackets for our Lions, the alternative names come from the newly aired Documentary-Drama on ITV “Lion Country – Night and Day” which was filmed here at Shenton Safaris during the 2016 season.

Thursday – 13 July

This morning Sylvester and his guests found 11 members of the Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) with one of the Numbu Boys(The Punks) hanging around Wild Dog Lagoon. They were attempting to ambush unsuspecting animals approaching the water but they were unsuccessful. 

Friday – 14 July

This afternoon Luambe, the large dominant male Leopard, was found on the prowl around Acacia Loop heading towards Lion Plains.

Later that evening the Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were found close to Saddle Bill Stork Lagoon . There were 13 Lions altogether just resting up and waiting for the cover of darkness before heading out to do some hunting.

Saturday – 15 July

The lovely Leopardess Chiphadzuwa was seen this morning sleeping on the banks of Fish Eagle Lagoon. Eventually she got up and started hunting some puku grazing along the gully, she was however unsuccessful. 

A large male Leopard was found close to Honey Badger Lagoon. He was resting with an extremely full stomach and was so relaxed he did not even take notice of us as we watched him.

 The Leopardess Chiphadzuwa was seen leaving Fish Eagle Lagoon heading towards Hippo Hospital. On her way she bumped into the young unnamed male Leopard found by Fish Eagle Lagoon. They sniffed each other a bit and then split up to go their separate ways

Less than 500m away from this incredible sighting 3 Adult females from the Hollywood Pride (Rosa’s Pride) were found sleeping close to the river by Fish Eagle Lagoon

Sunday – 16 July

The young male Leopard of Fish eagle Lagoon was found this morning sleeping in the fork of a Sausage Tree on the banks of Fish Eagle Lagoon

This afternoon the Mwamba-Kaingos (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were found close to Numbu Lagoon. There were 13 lions together feeding on a zebra they had recently killed. 

2 Leopardesses , Mother and Daughter, were found stalking a herd of impala not too far away from Numbu Platform. this is our second sighting of this duo for the season and should the sighting persist we will be naming them shortly.

Monday – 17 July

The Mwamba-Kaingo (Prince & Ziggy’s Pride) were still being lazy around Numbu Lagoon this morning after having finished off the zebra they had killed the previous day. This time 16 lions all together, 6 adult females, 7 +-14 month old cubs and 3 tiny new cubs about 2-3 months of age. The Lions stayed there the whole day and well after sunset that night. 

This evening along the banks of Acacia River Drive, 3 different Leopards were found in the space of 400m. The Leopardess Chiphadzuwa, another female know as Mayi and the large dominant male Luambe. All of them were hunting different groups of impala and all 3 were unsuccessful. What an incredible sighting !

Tuesday – 18 July

The large male Leopard Luambe was found on Acacia Loop area this morning. He was atop a Leadwood Tree with a puku he had killed the night before. After spending some time feeding he came down the tree and headed towards the river for a drink of water. Moments later the Leopardess Chiphadzuwa appeared and climbed the tree to feed on the remains of the puku.  She finished as much as she could and escaped before Luambe could return.

Wednesday – 19 July

Amazing news this morning , Malaika was seen around Acacia Loop area. Sylvester and his guests followed her for a bit and once she stopped she called out a tiny Cub from the bushes, around 3 months of age. This is great news and could explain why she has been so elusive as of late. 

5 wild dogs from the Kaingo Pack were found just outside the Ebony Grove chasing around some impalas with little success. Further south, not too far away close to Kaingo corner, 4 young male Lions from the Luwi Pride were found. The Lions are around the ages of 3-4 years and are in perfect condition. we left them sleeping in a fallen down Ebony Tree 

An unknown male Leopard was found by Yorum out by Numbu Lagoon. Although he was not very shy it was hard to see who it could be as he was stalking some impalas in the tall grass.

Tonight was rather interesting as we found the Leopardess Chiphadzuwa atop a tree with a fresh puku she had killed that morning. She was enjoying her meal in the area around Acacia Loop. Out of the bushes appeared Malaika with her new baby cub . Chiphadzuwa watched her mom carefully as she lay down with her new cub. There however was no growling or animosity of any kind. 

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