Every month, Shenton Safaris selects 3 pictures among those taken by our guests during their visit at Kaingo and Mwamba.

Our theme for August was “Hooved”. Our theme for September is “miscellaneous” and for October it is “Ellies”. Make sure your best shots are emailed to us so we can add them to the pool.


Unfortunately we do not have the author of this photograph which was in our guest pictures database. It was taken in August 2009. If you recognize it as yours, let us know!

Settings: not available


Cookson’s Wildebeest by Peter Chadwick, August 2011

“Having been coerced into my first trip to Africa by my wife 15 years ago I have developed my own passion for the continent and with that a love of wildlife and photography.

From that first African experience and subsequent trips to Tanzania, Zambia, India, Sri Lanka and my native outback Australia I have learnt that wildlife comes in many shapes and forms from migrating Flamingos and desert foxes in Kuwait, where I currently reside, to the majestic Bengal Tigers of India and stunning Asian Leopards and Sloth Bears of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka.”

Settings:  Nikon D80, n/a



Waterbucks by Paul Waldron, October 2011

“I started to get interested in nature photography in 2004. In 2005 my wife Katie and I decided to take our first trip to Africa so I bought my first Digital SLR camera and soon found myself addicted. I find that spending time outdoors observing and trying to photograph nature is a wonderful escape as well as a never ending challenge. I enjoy photographing all forms of wildlife from beetles to whales but I particularly like the excitement that a safari provides, that feeling of never quite knowing what will be around the next corner!

This image was taken on my first visit to Kaingo in October, what a great place from which to experience South Luangwa!”

 Settings: Canon EOS 7D, 1/640 sec at f/4.0. Focal 420mm. ISO 500.

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