Last night on a game drive we approached Fish Eagle lagoon and immediately heard a troop of baboons going crazy and we soon discovered why. After following the sound of the baboons we were lead directly to a beautiful male leopard that we know as the Luambe Male who had just managed to kill a male bush buck and drag it under a bush.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-33

The rest of the evening we watched in awe as he fed only to return this morning to find he had hauled his kill up a tree.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-35

As we were watching him we noticed that Malika (a female leopard) had come to see if there was any space at the dinner table and she was told in no uncertain terms that there was not. She graciously took the hint and went a curled up under a tree not too far away just encase he changed his mind.


Matt Small Watermarked 15-36

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