The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the spirit of giving than by embracing the wonders of nature? If you have a nature enthusiast or wildlife lover on your gift list, our Safari-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide contains carefully curated gifts capturing the essence of safari, bringing a touch of the wild into your loved one’s life.

Wildlife Conservation Experiences: Adopt a K9 Detection Dog

For a truly impactful and meaningful gift, consider adopting one of Conservation South Luangwa’s incredible K9 detection dogs. For US$200 a year, you can support the ongoing training and upkeep of these remarkable canines, playing a crucial role in wildlife conservation efforts in Zambia.

How it works

Adoption Package: Your US$200 contribution includes a Certificate of Adoption and regular updates from the K9 team every three months. It’s not just a gift; it’s a connection to the front lines of conservation.

Meet the Heroes: Get to know the unsung heroes of our K9 team – Rudi, Earl, Tygee, Gene, Cassi, and Ody. Each dog has a unique story and contributes significantly to the preservation of Zambia’s wildlife.

Conservation Impact: These dogs are not just companions; they are trained to detect ivory, bushmeat, guns and ammunition, lion bones and skins, leopard skins, and live pangolins. Their work is crucial along the boundary of South Luangwa National Park and across Zambia’s Eastern Province.


By adopting a K9 detection dog, you are not only supporting the livelihood of these incredible animals but also actively contributing to the fight against wildlife crime. It’s a gift that makes a real difference in the conservation landscape.

Safari Adventure and Photographic Books

For the avid photographer and adventurer, select captivating safari adventure and photography books that transport them to the heart of the wilderness. Here are some of our favourite safari books that promise to ignite the spirit of exploration:

Timeless Book – $75.00 USD
Seasons of South Luangwa – $78.68 USD
Warmest Regards From Africa – $130 USD
Return to the wild – $17.85 USD

Eco-Friendly Safari Accessories

Give the gift of sustainable style with eco-friendly safari apparel and accessories inspired by Mulberry Mongoose. This ethical brand combines fashion with a conservation mission, offering a range of accessories crafted from recycled and sustainable materials.

Mulberry Mongoose’s collection features stunning jewelry made from reclaimed snare wire, transforming a tool of harm into wearable art. Consider gifting their unique pieces, from intricately designed bracelets to elegant necklaces, each telling a story of wildlife conservation and community empowerment.

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Nature-Inspired Home Decor: Bring the Safari Indoors

Transform your loved one’s living space with the timeless charm of Tribal Textiles. Adorn their home with handcrafted pieces inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of the safari. Tribal prints and patterns, reminiscent of Zambia’s indigenous communities, bring a touch of authenticity and elegance to any room.

Tribal textiles offer a unique way to bring the warmth and character of the safari indoors. Elevate your loved one’s living space with these culturally rich and visually stunning decor pieces that echo the rhythms of nature.

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Shenton Safaris E-Voucher

Looking for the perfect gift that opens the door to unforgettable wildlife experiences? Shenton Safaris introduces personalized e-vouchers, the ultimate present for the safari enthusiast in your life. With a Shenton Safaris e-voucher, the recipient can decide how to use their gift, making it a versatile and thoughtful present.

How it works

  1. Choose Your Amount: Decide the value you want to gift. Whether it’s gifting someone a stay, contributing to an existing booking, giving the gift of a night in one of our exclusive star beds, or adding extra nights to their stay, the choice is theirs.
  2. Contact Us: Reach out to us via email at with your preferred voucher amount and details.
  3. We’ll Organize the Adventure: Once contacted, we’ll work with you to create a customized e-voucher, tailored to your specifications. It’s that simple!

These carefully curated gifts not only bring the wild into your loved one’s life but also contribute to the preservation of nature. From adopting a K9 detection dog to adorning homes with tribal textiles, each gift tells a story of conservation and connection.

Happy gifting, and may your holidays be filled with magic!

The Shenton Family

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