A male puku tries to mate

Female puku are notoriously bad mothers. They do not bond with their young and when under threat, it is not uncommon for mothers to run in completely different directions from their fawn. This being said, puku have a gestation period of roughly 250 days. Therefore, fawns enter the world being able to run in order to escape and protect themselves from prey. Puku breed all year round and once born young males generally leave their natal herd just before one year, whereas, females will stay somewhat associated with their mothers until adulthood.


Syl is out with his guests and they find themselves with a herd of impala and puku. A male puku is ready to mate but the female is not having any of it.  After constant badgering, the male eventually gives up.

Do you want to see for yourself? You’re in luck, we got it all on film!

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