A hyena hippo love affair

Our Tuesday sighting somewhat sums up how bizarre the wildlife of the South Luangwa National Park has been at the moment. Shenton Safaris’ has had a host of fun, weird and wonderful sightings this season already. We have had kills, we have had mating, we have had babies. But, up until this moment, we have not hyena’s and hippos frolicking and kissing. 

Patrick arrives on the sandy banks of the beautiful Luangwa River. There, he spots a solo hyena with a young hippo. The two are in close quarters, very close quarters- it seems odd. Patricks stops his vehicles and soon enough the games commence, the hippo and hyena smell each other, touch noses and the hyena even rolls onto his back in utter glee! The two play happily and undisturbed for quite some time before the hyena sprints off with an expression that cannot mean anything other than utter bliss. 

We don’t really believe we need to say much more. The pictures speak for themselves!

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