A few days ago we found some of the Mwamba Kaingo pride, on the banks of the Mwamba river very close to camp.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-10

At the time they were doing what Lions do best – relaxing in the late afternoon, until a lone Hippo started to wander along the dry river towards the pride. At first none of the pride seemed interested, but curiosity got the better of one young Lion.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-11

Shortly after the first Lion had approached the Hippo, the rest of the youngsters in the pride decided to follow and a chase ensued which saw the Hippo crash through a number of bushes with young Lions hot on his heels.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-12

The efforts of the pride were half-hearted at best, until the Hippo stumbled and crashed down the steep river bank, falling for at least four metres, onto the hard-baked clay.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-14

The opportunistic adult Lions reacted with frightening intensity and the male made a vain attempt at taking the hippo head on. The male was flung through the air into a muddy pool of water, dampening the enthusiasm of the rest. Enough was enough and the pride obviously decided that a meal certainly was not worth getting muddy paws over! The male looking very embarrassed and covered in mud, followed the pride as they moved away in search of an easier meal.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-15

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